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Critical Communication &
Collaboration Solutions

From planned events to crisis scenarios, Rave provides timely and targeted communication, interconnects public, private and 9-1-1 response teams, delivers personal safety applications, and enhances emergency preparedness and response. Public safety agencies, campus safety officials and corporate security professionals rely on Rave to save lives, manage critical incidents and increase operational resiliency.

Challenges We Solve

We provide industry-leading safety technology solutions to enhance preparedness, communication, and improve response times during emergencies.

Critical Communication

Empower your community, government facilities, schools, universities, companies, and healthcare facilities by delivering the critical information needed, when it is needed – every time

Incident Collaboration

Prepare for, respond to and report after both planned and unplanned events by assigning tasks, tracking response activities, and ensuring complete coordination throughout the duration of an event

Safety & Protection

Help your community — residents and visitors, schools and campuses, corporations, and healthcare facilities — always feel connected and safe by providing them direct access to the resources they need to stay informed and protected no matter where they are.

911 Response

The Rave 911 Response Suite provides 9-1-1 Emergency Call Center (ECC) operators, first responders and emergency managers powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching, and responding to emergencies more efficiently and effectively

Mass Notification

Organizations, schools and communities that implement an emergency mass notification solution take advantage of one of the most effective ways of communicating urgent and non-urgent messages to everyone. 

Business Continuity

Crisis-related disruptions can have consequences, such as threatening a company’s reputation, reducing workforce morale or limiting a school’s ability to teach students. Communication is foundational to an organization’s ability to recover from an emergency.

Mental & Behavioral Health

A critical communication and collaboration platform allows 9-1-1 telecommunicators, first responders, school officials, corporate personnel and business leaders to properly support an individual in crisis and collaborate together to improve the outcomes of those involved.

Severe Weather Emergencies

As severe weather and natural disasters continue to impact communities across the nation, critical communication and advanced preparation are key components in ensuring safety.

Employee Safety

Protecting employees during emergency events is an employer’s responsibility and first priority. Organizations must ensure employees are protected during work hours, making emergency preparation crucial.

Remote Workforce Communication

Remote work has accelerated at intense speeds. Employers can do more to keep their employees safe and up-to-date on all company news and policies with a comprehensive critical communication and collaboration platform

School Safety & Security

Learn how you can upgrade your school safety and security to keep students, teachers, staff and parents safe and informed during a school emergency or critical event.

Anonymous Tip Texting & Reporting

Anonymous tip technology increases engagement from your community members and prevents them from withholding timely, critical information that will keep your community safe.

Active Shooter Response

An effective active shooter preparedness plan must incorporate elements for all stages of the event, from risk assessment to recovery.

Industries We Serve

We provide industry-leading safety technology solutions to enhance preparedness,
communication, and improve response times during emergencies.

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State & Local

Leverage a single platform with critical communication, data and response capabilities for safer communities.

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K-12 Schools

Schools face emergencies almost every day. Communication is key throughout any critical event.

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corporate office with cubicles


Send employee communications with just three clicks to multiple communication modes.

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Higher Education

Connect, engage and safeguard your community so they’ll be prepared and become empowered about their safety.

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traveling nurse healthcare worker with mask


Protect and communicate with employees and patients, from everyday occurrences to the unimaginable. 

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capitol building


Improve emergency preparedness by keeping citizens informed through mass notification.

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Limit the financial and human costs of emergency events and expedite responses to ongoing events.

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financial services

Financial Services

Keep employees safe and minimize the financial cost of emergencies and other disruptions.

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construction worker


Keep employees safe, inform them on and off a work site, and simplify compliance tasks with mobile safety solutions.

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transportation and warehousing

Transportation & Warehousing

Enhance safety and support productivity with communication tools.

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hotel check in desk


Protect and inform employees, contract workers and guests during crises or everyday situations.

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property management

Property Management

Keep residents safe and informed of maintenance issues or emergency situations.

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retail shopping mall


Keep the supply chain moving and your workforce up-to-date with targeted mass notifications.

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utilities telephone poles

Utility Providers

Provide employees and residents with critical notifications during outages and other crises.

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Support emergency preparedness and keep people safe and informed during critical situations.

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Explore Our Products

We provide industry-leading safety technology solutions to enhance preparedness, communication, and improve response times during emergencies.

Rave Alert™

Quickly and reliably send messages in just three clicks, including desktop notifications.

Rave Collaborate™

Tactical incident collaboration for both planned and unplanned events.

Rave Panic Button™

Instantly communicates emergencies to 9-1-1, on-site personnel and first responders.

Rave 911 Suite™

Powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching and responding to emergencies more efficiently and effectively. 

Rave Guardian™

A custom-branded personal safety app to connect and engage with your communities wherever they are.

Smart911 Profiles

Smart911 Safety Profiles are a simple way to prepare for emergencies and improve crisis response times by providing personal details to first responders.

Rave Operational Messaging

If you send text messages (SMS) in the U.S., it is time to prepare for upcoming changes mandated by 10DLC.

Rave Link™

A solution for public safety agencies to share data, speed response and collaborate on incidents across jurisdictions.


AppArmor develops custom branded safety apps, emergency notification systems, and internal command and control apps for hundreds of organizations across the globe.

Rave Prepare™

Rave’s web-based access and functional needs registry helps emergency managers understand the individuals most at-risk within a community.

Rave Eyewitness™

Empower your community and prevent dangerous incidents with the most widely-used anonymous tip software.

Rave Notifier™

Ensure critical communications are being delivered and seen by all employees by sending instant alert notifications to desktop workstations.

Motorola Solutions Facility™

Enhances responder safety with facility data such as access codes, hazard locations, and floor plans.

Rave Mobile Safety Apps

Send targeted information, provide direct access to critical resources, respond to incidents, handle staffing shortages, and empower your end users from anywhere with a personalized phone app.

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