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Severe Weather Toolkit for Campus Safety

Access tools, best practices and complimentary templates for different scenarios and weather events.

hand holding phone displaying notifications of earthquake alert

Protect Your Campus When Severe Weather Strikes: Templates and Best Practices

Cut down response time when sending warnings or alerts and further prepare your campus with these natural disaster and severe weather notification templates.

woman looking out window solemn mental health blue overlay background

Mental & Behavioral Health Toolkit for Public Safety

Learn which tools your agency needs for improved mental and behavioral health response throughout your community.

students eating lunch at school

K–12 Mental Health & Safety Toolkit

Learn how a critical communication and collaboration platform enables school leaders to support the mental health and safety of both students and staff.

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The Complete Emergency Management Solutions Toolkit

Learn why it’s crucial for your platform to have lines of internal communication, a searchable and accessible database, comprehensive alerting features, and other capabilities.

business man working at a laptop hands typing

Critical Communication and Employee Safety: Solutions for Business

Understand which capabilities your organization needs in an effective communication and employee safety solution.

nurse using tablet

Emergency Communications and Preparedness Solutions in Healthcare

During an emergency, having the ability to ensure the right communications get to the right people at the right time is vital.

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Running Workplace Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Businesses

Learn practices and strategies to help build a customized plan to keep your organization safe and informed.

school classroom with teacher writing on blackboard

School Safety Evaluation Kit

Download the School Safety Evaluation Kit to find the right safety solution today!

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Corporate Severe Weather Kit

Having the tools and plans in place is vital to informing and keeping employees safe when severe weather or a natural disaster strikes.

Severe Weather Preparedness Toolkit

Severe weather events and natural disasters are wreaking havoc across the globe, with the frequency of these events increasing every year.