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Rave Panic Button

Instantly communicates emergencies to 9-1-1, on-site personnel and first responders for an integrated and immediate response.

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From Medical Emergencies to the Unthinkable

One-push activation of any type of emergency initiates fast response and real-time collaboration with 9-1-1 and on-site personnel.

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Instant Information for Situational Awareness

Enriched data is delivered to 9-1-1 and first responders, including device location, facility information and type of activation.

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Easy Integration with Emergency Systems

Broadcast to and trigger additional channels like desktop alerts, digital signage, video systems, access controls, websites, sirens and any IoT-ready device.

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Collaborative Real-Time, On-Scene Reporting

Two-way communication is made possible from 9-1-1 as information is being gathered, such as live-streaming video and status checks of those involved.


Protecting State Capitols and Soft Targets

Fast, smart, reliable community safety with the Rave Platform – built to modernize safety and emergency communications in our nation’s public buildings and critical infrastructures.


Rave Panic Button Features

Expedite Urgent Internal Communications

Rave Panic Button’s Staff Assist feature enables authorized employees to communicate with on-site groups or individuals without initiating an emergency call to 9-1-1. Internal groups and message templates are predetermined to enable fast communication and reduce the duration of disruptions.

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Enhance Emergency Response and Recovery

After the Rave Panic Button communicates an incident to 9-1-1 and on-site staff, immediate next steps can be put into place. 9-1-1 can initiate customizable check-ins with those on-site to see who’s injured and get their locations and the current status of the situation to better direct first responders arriving on scene.

More than just emergency call buttons

Upon the press of any of the five emergency buttons, a preset notification is sent to all necessary on-site staff and safety personnel. That same notification is received by 9-1-1, plus additional details about the location of the incident, facility data and more. This aids first responders before arriving on scene to determine next steps and greatest areas of need. Rave Panic Button works for app, landline and mobile activations for a true 9-1-1 integration, allowing 9-1-1 to communicate back when the “All Clear” has been confirmed.

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Benefits of Rave Panic Button

More than 10,000 schools and organizations across the U.S. trust the Rave Panic Button to enhance collaboration with 9-1-1, first responders and authorized personnel for emergency planning and panic button drills. 

This FirstNet-listed platform is fully interoperable, connecting devices, 9-1-1 systems and multi-jurisdictional local and state first responder agencies across a single platform. For school safety efforts, the Rave Panic Button also meets and exceeds the requirements of “Alyssa’s Law” and has been certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security under the SAFETY Act (Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology).

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Additional Functionality Integrations

Integrates with video management systems, access controls, public address systems and emergency notification systems. Triggers the launch of radio, phones and cameras into one system hosted inside a local police station, which also feeds into incident command and mapping systems.

Efficient Messaging

Guide staff through parent and family reunification with a shared view of progress, interactive role-based checklists, communication templates, automated reminders and a full audit trail.

Incident Management

Offers robust response dashboard, Rave Command View, to provide complete visibility into every panic button activation on campus, as well as its location, incident type and the location’s facility data. 9-1-1 can also access the same dashboard with a quick setup at no additional cost.

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