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Introduction to Alyssa’s Law and its Importance

Alyssa’s Law is more than a mandate; it symbolizes the relentless effort of communities to prioritize school safety across the U.S. Born from a tragic Florida event, this law highlights the essential need for schools to have panic button systems, ensuring immediate communication during emergencies.

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History of Alyssa’s Law

The tragic story of Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the Parkland School Shooting, catalyzed the creation of Alyssa’s Law. In response to identified safety gaps, this law represents a significant shift toward change. The Make Our Schools Safe initiative, anchored by Alyssa’s parents, carries forward this vision, advocating for every child’s safe educational environment.

Explore The Technological Evolution Enhancing School Safety With Our Tech & Safe Schools Guide

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Benefits of Panic Button & Emergency
Alerting Systems

Immediate Communication

Enable staff to simultaneously notify staff and 911 first responders, mitigating potential threats.

Rapid Response

Instant alert systems ensure timely interventions, potentially saving lives.


Modern alert tools can seamlessly merge with existing school security measures, creating a fortified safety framework.

Centralized Control

These systems offer a central hub that consolidates all emergency procedures, notifications, and communication, ensuring that all stakeholders – from staff to first responders – are on the same page in real-time.

Ready to Explore Funding Opportunities?

With the emphasis on school safety growing stronger, there are numerous funding programs available to aid schools in their safety initiatives. Dive into detailed state-wide funding opportunities and see how your institution can benefit.