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Keep your staff informed and safe.

Do all you can today to protect and communicate with employees and patients, from everyday occurrences to the unimaginable.

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Protect and Connect With Staff Everywhere

Protect your staff wherever they are utilizing a single sign-on and multi-factor authorization with Okta. Give them a lifeline to connect with security anywhere they go. Increase avenues for them to report critical information with two-way messaging, alerts and an incident management dashboard.

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Disaster and Incident Preparedness

Respond to emergencies immediately with a user-friendly tool that reinforces policies and procedures, provides critical information, coordinates resources, and tracks actions taken in a way that supports situational awareness.

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Minimize Staffing Shortages

Fill a staff shortage in a moment’s notice using automated notifications with quotas and follow-up messaging to help staff handle the heightened level of demand, especially in emergency situations.

Safety and security for your healthcare organization. 

Your hospital or healthcare facility encounters various challenges, both internally and externally, as you maintain business continuity 24/7. Every second counts when communicating with your staff, especially during a public health emergency lockdown or civil disturbance.

Sending a multimodal message quickly and accurately to the right people can cut down on response times, whether your staff is on-site or on the road. Your staff is focused on caring for patients and other responsibilities. Many employees do not have time to look at their phones or even carry their phones during shifts. Cover all bases of communication with desktop alerts, digital signage, public address system announcements, and more.

Patient surges during mass casualty incidents and severe weather require additional headcount as soon as possible. In a world of unknowns, rally, inform and account for employees when they are needed most.

“Easy manageability and flexibility are key in an emergency alert system, and addressing these factors leads to faster response time and informed decision-making.”
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Emergency Management

Preparedness means planning for any type of event. Immediately inform staff and visitors of unexpected events by leveraging one easy-to-use singular notification system to quickly send out alerts. Notify the public to stay clear of a facility during an active event with website message boards, social media posts and more in just three clicks. 

Nurse Management

Understaffing affects the quality and speed of patient care. An automated polling process with quota polls, confirmation notices and follow-up messaging allows administrators to fill staffing needs in minutes.

Safety Officials

Protect healthcare workers and your surrounding community. Better prepare for emergencies by improving drill efficiency and lockdown protocols. Empower staff with safety resources and vital information at their fingertips. Help prevent dangerous incidents before they happen with the most widely used anonymous tip software.

Hospital Leadership

In a healthcare environment, responding to an emergency must be an organization-wide effort. This is due to staff often being outnumbered by patients, temporary visitors and other third parties who will not be familiar with emergency preparedness plans. Provide safety and security to everyone inside and outside your walls.

Solutions for Healthcare Systems & Hospitals

The Three Pillars of Emergency Messaging 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need a solution in place that can withstand the pressures and demands of today’s world. Learn the three crucial components your emergency messaging system needs to keep everyone at your facility safe and informed. 

Emergency Communications and Preparedness Solutions 

This guide looks at the capabilities of a mass notification platform and discusses how they can be leveraged to maintain operations and reduce response times. Here are six important questions to ask when you’re evaluating emergency messaging solutions. 

Helping You to Succeed in Your Role

Learn the different tools and capabilities each department needs to maximize safety and minimize disruptions across your facility. See for yourself how Rave can maximize employee safety and minimize operational disruptions. 

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Leverage Rave for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Northwell Health uses Rave to positively impact emergency preparedness and response thanks to value, ease-of-use and secure deployment to all facilities

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Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

Thousands of customers trust Rave to help protect their employees, students, and residents. Our customers include some of the largest communities, most respected companies, and best known colleges and universities in the world.

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