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School Safety Funding Programs

The influence of Alyssa’s Law has resonated far and wide. Numerous states have risen, understanding the essence of school safety, with funding initiatives sprouting across the country, supporting institutions in their safety mission.

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Funding Programs Available by State

Discover currently open and imminent funding programs below:

General Funding Application Tips

  • Research: Delve into your state’s unique requirements and deadlines.
  • Documentation: Organize crucial documents, ensuring a seamless application journey.
  • Consultation: Seek expert insights for successful submissions. For those requiring specialized grant assistance, our partnership with Lexipol offers comprehensive grant guidance. Learn more about the program.

Unlock the Future of School Safety

You’re informed about the funding. Now, discover the solution that’s leading the way in school safety technology. Explore the distinct advantages of the Rave Panic Button and see why schools across the U.S. trust our system for their safety needs.