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Strengthen your campus community engagement.

Connect, engage and safeguard your community so they’ll be prepared and become empowered about their safety.

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Reach Out Across Channels

When severe weather, a crime or an adverse event happens, notify your entire community with just three clicks across voice, text, email, digital signage, website, social media, desktop alerts, sirens and more.

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Enhance Student Engagement

Build positive relationships with your student community by empowering them to interact with campus officials to share or report timely information in the way they feel most comfortable — through anonymous tip texting.

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Communicate With Everyone

Easily communicate with everyone on campus, including students, contractors, parents and other temporary guests, by implementing a text to opt-in feature that integrates with your current mass notification system.

Reach your campus when seconds count.

Mass notification systems are an integral part of how colleges and universities like yours communicate with students, faculty and staff. The safety and the security of your campus community depends on how well your campus safety officials, emergency managers, CIOs and administrators are prepared for an emergency, as well as communicate directions and information.

Higher education institutions aim to ensure students, faculty and staff are informed during emergency drills, severe weather, power outages and other events. They’re also looking for ways to encourage students to share key information, so they’ll be empowered about their safety.

CIOs and IT

Ensure your messages get delivered by implementing a mass notification system consisting of a public safety grade infrastructure of multiple carriers, carrier networks and aggregators, and geo-redundant data centers.

Campus Communications

Utilize a single sign-on and multi-factor authorization with Okta and get all departments on the same page by having one communications platform with no limits to messages and recipients. Send targeted messages by segmenting your lists and assigning administrative rights by role, preventing a delayed response and alert fatigue.

Campus Safety and Security

When an emergency strikes, send messages out simultaneously through text, email, voice calls, social media, desktop alerts, sirens and digital signage — all from a single launch point in three clicks.

Emergency Management

Encourage your campus community to be active participants in emergency planning with a two-way communications app extension connecting them directly with campus officials during emergencies and routine events.

Solutions for the Higher Education Industry

Protect Them Anytime, Anywhere

A tornado, power outage or a crime can happen on your campus in a moment’s notice. Rave Alert™, the leading mass notification system, allows you to send messages to students, faculty and staff, whether they’re on or off campus. Send notifications simultaneously through text, social media, digital signage and more in three clicks from any Internet-connected device. 

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Bolster Student Connections

Allow students to discreetly and anonymously report crimes or suspicious activities with Rave Guardian™, a custom-branded mobile safety app. The app offers two-way communication for students to contact campus safety officials directly to provide them with key information for response strategies and enhanced situational awareness.

Expand Your Communications

If a large-scale incident occurs, parents, contractors, guest lecturers, camp visitors, sports fans and other visiting guests may be unaware of an imminent threat. A text to opt-in feature, which integrates into Rave Alert, allows institutions to temporarily communicate with campus visitors and ensures everyone on your campus will be informed.

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