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Crisis Management with Rave Collaborate

Learn how Rave Collaborate can help to eliminate risks and manage events

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Workflow Management & Multiagency Coordination with Rave Aware

Learn how your agency can develop priorities to support incident management and stakeholder decision-making with Rave Aware.

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Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Preparedness

Learn which training, resources, and tools can help residents, employees and students feel safer during natural disasters and severe weather events.

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Empowering Domestic Violence Victims & Protecting First Responders 

Learn how the Rave Platform helps keep your entire community safe by elevating your communication strategy.

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

With the addition of AppArmor’s custom branded safety apps, Rave Mobile Safety now offers the most comprehensive solution in the market for communication and incident response.

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Risk Management with Rave and DisasterAWARE Enterprise

Start planning for incidents before they happen with the integrated DisasterAWARE Enterprise and Rave Critical Communication solution.

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Cross Jurisdiction Data Sharing with Rave Aware

Incidents do not stay within one jurisdictional boundary. Rave Aware is a cost-effective, secure and interoperable solution for public safety agencies to share data, speed response and collaborate on incidents across jurisdictions.

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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Learn how Rave can keep your employees safe during an earthquake with this resource sheet.

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Situational Awareness for First Responders

The data and information available within Rave's 911 Response solution helps first responders better prepare for the unknown and greatly accelerate response times during emergencies.

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The Rave Critical Communication & Collaboration Platform for State & Local Government

From planned events to crisis scenarios, the Rave Platform provides timely and targeted communication, interconnects public, private and 9-1-1 response teams, delivers personal safety applications, and enhances emergency preparedness and response.

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Rave Platform for Corporate

Rave provides critical communication and collaboration for your business. The Rave Platform is purpose-built to enable emergency notifications, critical data sharing and response coordination. 

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COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Rave 911 Suite

We wanted to highlight key features within Rave 911 Suite that you can leverage to better serve your community.

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Supporting Mental Health in Your Community: A Discussion with NAMI and Charleston County

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) Chicago, and public safety officials have a critical discussion on the impact of mental health in communities.

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The Complete Emergency Management Solutions Toolkit

Learn why it’s crucial for your platform to have lines of internal communication, a searchable and accessible database, comprehensive alerting features, and other capabilities.

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Smart911: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Learn how 9-1-1 and law enforcement can leverage technology to better protect residents and first responders.

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Rave Guardian: Connect and Protect Your Healthcare Staff

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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Rave Alert State and Local Alert SMS Opt-in

State and Local Alert SMS Opt-in provides an easy way for people to sign up for temporary or long-term inclusion in your alert database.

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Rave Alert Corporate SMS Opt-in

Enhance emergency communication with the people in your organization using Rave’s Business Alert SMS Opt-in solution.

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K-12: Rave Panic Button for Enhanced Emergency Response

Whether medical, fire, active shooter, or other type of emergency, how fast you and your school reacts will change the outcome.

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Rave Prepare for State and Local

Rave Prepare for state and local leverages your existing Smart911 service and provides the capabilities needed to better prepare for emergencies.

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Running School Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Educators

This drill kit from Rave Mobile Safety helps you narrow in on the most important factors of school safety.

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Biggest Threat to School Safety: Failure of Communication

Despite the importance of communication in school safety, many teams fail to account for it in their plan of action for before, during, and after an emergency. Download this eBook to learn how to identify and fix these common communication blind spots.

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5 Strategies for Increased Mental Health Awareness

Learn the five basic strategies for reducing the negative impact mental health can have in your community.

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Protecting Your School Community in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of adverse event.

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7 Tips to Help You Identify and Notify Your At-Risk Population

Learn best practices and tools to help community leaders identify, engage and collaborate with at-risk populations.

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Domestic Violence: How Improved Communication Empowers Victims and Emergency Personnel

Learn how leveraging technology can improve domestic violence-related outcomes.

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Download this checklist to determine which critical communication and collaboration tools your agency needs.

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Funding Your School Safety Initiatives in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, David Kondrup and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District discuss grants and how your school can receive critical funding.

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How to Overcome the Top Public Safety Challenges in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, Michigan's Gratiot County Central Dispatch, and North Carolina’s Burke County Emergency Communications Center host an informative discussion.

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Rave Collaborate: How to Think Bigger, Plan Smarter and Act Faster

Whether handling a routine event or facing a large-scale emergency, the early minutes and hours of an incident are often a time of chaos and confusion.

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Managing Crises — Tools to Keep Your Team Prepared, Organized & Actionable

When managing routine or emergency situations, sending a Rave Alert or activating Rave Panic Button is just the beginning.

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Rave 911 Suite & Rave Alert – A Unified Approach to Community Safety

Rave’s customer success team discusses how users can leverage the Rave Platform to collaborate across agencies and utilize data.

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Rave Guardian Engage and Protect Your People

Rave Guardian helps users feel connected and safe as help is always only a click away.

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Rave Panic Button Features

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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The Rave Platform for Critical Communication and Collaboration

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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Rave State & Local Solutions

State and local governments can do more with less through Rave’s scalable platform.

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Critical Communication and Employee Safety: Solutions for Business

Understand which capabilities your organization needs in an effective communication and employee safety solution.

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Emergency Communications and Preparedness Solutions in Healthcare

During an emergency, having the ability to ensure the right communications get to the right people at the right time is vital.

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Running Workplace Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Businesses

Learn practices and strategies to help build a customized plan to keep your organization safe and informed.

school classroom with teacher writing on blackboard

School Safety Evaluation Kit

Download the School Safety Evaluation Kit to find the right safety solution today!

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Corporate Severe Weather Kit

Having the tools and plans in place is vital to informing and keeping employees safe when severe weather or a natural disaster strikes.

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Critical Communication and Collaboration Tools for a Safe and Efficient Manufacturing Environment

With Rave, keep operations running smoothly and ensure employees feel safe and protected.

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Expanded User Attributes

For schools, communities and organizations, having accurate user-specific information accessible and available in your emergency notification system is essential.

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Rave Alert Emergency Notifications in Three Clicks

Rave Alert takes emergency notifications to the next level and can be used however you see fit.

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2021 Survey Report: Mental Health and Emergency Response

Rave Mobile Safety fielded a national survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults in April 2021.

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Essential Elements of State and Local Emergency Messaging

Download this whitepaper to learn the essential elements your emergency messaging system may be missing.

Severe Weather Preparedness Toolkit

Severe weather events and natural disasters are wreaking havoc across the globe, with the frequency of these events increasing every year.