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Supporting Mental Health in Your Community: A Discussion with NAMI and Charleston County

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The United States is amid a mental health crisis, with over 47 million men and women reporting they suffer from some form of mental illness. In addition, numerous reports state more Americans are struggling with various behavioral health issues at higher-than-normal rates as the pandemic continues. These growing mental health concerns are creating a major, wide-reaching impact on public safety throughout communities.

In this on-demand webinar, Rave Mobile Safety, the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) Chicago and Charleston County, SC discussed on the impact of mental health in communities and its correlation to public safety.

Watch now to learn:

  • Important mental health insights from those who experience it every day
  • The top mental health concerns impacting safety as the country reopens
  • Ways to leverage technology to increase communication, enhance collaboration and improve emergency outcomes around mental health crises

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