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Communication Guide for Large Campus Events

From commencements and conferences to sporting events, preparing for a large-scale campus event can be overwhelming. Learn strategies to overcome the complex challenges that you may face during an event, plus gain access to pre-set alert templates to help manage different scenarios.

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2022 Survey Report: Public Safety Trends

To better understand the current challenges of public safety professionals, Rave Mobile Safety fielded a national survey of nearly 300 emergency responders. Discover the top challenges causing significant impacts to those in public safety and changes needed to improve public safety operations.

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Proven Practices for Streamlined Employee Communications in Healthcare

Read real-life case studies and proven practices of how multiple prestigious healthcare facilities are addressing communication challenges with the Rave Platform to keep employees, patients and their community safe.

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A Guide to Help Protect Soft Targets

Learn which tools your agency needs to enhance safety and security measures, expedite response efforts and build trust within your community to protect soft targets. Download this helpful guide today.

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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Learn how Rave can keep your employees safe during an earthquake with this resource sheet.

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5 New Ways Tech Can Help Businesses Strengthen Employee Communication

Employees want their employers to keep them updated about incidents and what actions to take, as well as know they have the tools and be comfortable to speak to security personnel.

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A User’s Guide to Mass Notification and SMS Opt-In

Are you able to communicate with your visiting guests when events occur?

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Business Critical Communications Checklist

Download Rave Mobile Safety's “Business Critical Communication Checklist” to help you evaluate your existing system.

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Finding a Cure for Staffing Shortages

The shortage of nursing professionals is expected to reach epidemic levels in the coming years.

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How Do You Locate Employees Without An App?

This guide highlights best practices for organizations needing to collect real-time location information and responses from employees.

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A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations are always searching for new ways to resolve understaffing and prepare their staff and facilities for adverse events.

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Cost Justification Guide: Rave Business Solutions

Download the justification guide and find out why investing in the Rave platform can further your safety and security efforts.

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Preparing First Responders for Today’s Mental Health Crisis

Download this whitepaper to find out how first responders can address the mental health crisis.

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Smart911: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Learn how 9-1-1 and law enforcement can leverage technology to better protect residents and first responders.

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How Tech Empowers Traveling Healthcare Workers’ Safety

Home healthcare personnel are now prioritizing their own safety with their patients’ care.

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Trends in Corporate Security

150 surveys were completed anonymously by managers in corporate safety and security, employee safety, physical plant security, IT security and business continuity.

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Workplace Violence: Improving Emergency Communications Is Key to Employee Safety

Learn how organizations can quickly and efficiently alert their employees when a workplace violence incident occurs.

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Running School Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Educators

This drill kit from Rave Mobile Safety helps you narrow in on the most important factors of school safety.

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Biggest Threat to School Safety: Failure of Communication

Despite the importance of communication in school safety, many teams fail to account for it in their plan of action for before, during, and after an emergency. Download this eBook to learn how to identify and fix these common communication blind spots.

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Severe Weather: How to Take Action and Keep Employees Safe

Find out how businesses can alert their employees about an impending weather event like hurricanes and any necessary steps they need to take to prepare.

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Prevent School Violence and Improve School Safety

See real-world examples where innovative thinking and technology can positively impact your school’s safety.

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Streamlining Employee Communication Across Your Organization

The need for complete and effective employee communication has never been more critical.

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The Ultimate Safety & Communication Guide for Back to School

The K–12 education landscape was always complex and has become even more challenging in the wake of COVID-19.

Workplace Violence: How a Comprehensive Communication System Can Improve Nurse Safety

Find out how healthcare organizations can quickly and efficiently alert their nursing personnel to violent incidents.

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5 Strategies for Increased Mental Health Awareness

Learn the five basic strategies for reducing the negative impact mental health can have in your community.

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From the Planned to the Unplanned: Preparing the Front Lines of Community Protection

Emergency managers, 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders must be prepared for any scenario.

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Helping Healthcare Address the Three Pillars of Emergency Messaging

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t afford to fall short when it comes to emergency messaging.

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Higher Education Capabilities for the Post-COVID Campus and Beyond

Download this checklist to determine which critical communication and collaboration tools your campus needs.

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How Higher Education Can Support Students On and Off Campus

This guide covers how the Rave Platform empowers schools to support the needs of their students on or off campus.

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How to Overcome 5 Challenges to Notify Temporary Visitors Guide

Discover how you can expand access to your alerts and increase communication with your visitors.

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The Top 5 Public Safety Challenges: How to Protect an Entire Community in Today’s World

Learn which tools your agency needs to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from adverse events in your community.

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A Justification Guide for Employee Communication Solutions

Download this guide to find out if you need an organization-wide notification system.

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K-12 Back-to-School Safety Concerns Report

Rave Mobile Safety’s back-to-school planning survey was conducted to understand how schools and districts are approaching the 2020–2021 academic year.

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Manufacturing Emergency Notification Checklist

This guide will help you choose the most effective manufacturing emergency communication system for your organization.

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Meeting CMS Emergency Communication Plan Requirements

Read the rule and guidance documents to ensure that you're meeting CMS communication requirements.

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Preventing a Communication Breakdown

Enhance your internal and external procedures during community-wide incidents.

k-12 school children together

Protecting Your School Community in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of adverse event.

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Proven Practices for Addressing New Communication Concerns

Learn how three different organizations are addressing challenges to keep employees safe and business running smoothly.

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Proven Practices for Improved School Safety

See real-life examples from schools that know first-hand why these elements can make all the difference.

man wearing mask in front of office building

Proven Practices for Tackling Workplace Challenges in a Post-Coronavirus World

Get real-world examples of how some businesses are both succeeding and struggling in a post-coronavirus world.

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Bridging the Gap: 21st Century Community Policing

Police shootings and violent confrontations with citizens seem to be a staple of the nightly news.

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4 Ways Desktop Notifications Can Make a Difference

Your critical communication system is incomplete if you don’t have the ability to send desktop notifications to your employees.

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7 Tips to Help You Identify and Notify Your At-Risk Population

Learn best practices and tools to help community leaders identify, engage and collaborate with at-risk populations.

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A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Higher Education Solutions

Switching your higher education institution’s mass notification system is daunting task. You’ve put all this time and resources into your current system, but is your investment paying off?

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A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Public Safety Solutions

Download this guide to discover how the Rave platform can help you collaborate with all of your fellow stakeholders.

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How to Extend the Reach of Rave Alert with Rave Guardian

See why investing in the mobile safety app Rave Guardian can further your safety efforts with Rave Alert.

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Best Practice Guide: 10 Tips to Help You Address Staffing Needs

Maintaining the continuity of daily operations at your manufacturing facility is crucial, especially during an emergency or public health crisis.

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10 Tips to Help You Communicate with Your Employees

Emergencies and a distributed workforce may impact your ability to communicate with employees.

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Abandon Paper Registries, Not Vulnerable Populations

When an emergency strikes, it's up to emergency managers and public safety officials to identify and provide aid to residents in need of specific assistance.

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Building a Better Timeline for School Emergencies

No matter the school emergency, the amount of time it takes to respond is critical.

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A Crisis Communication Guide for Catastrophic Public Health Emergencies

As we’ve seen with the coronavirus pandemic, a public health crisis can occur at any time with little warning.

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Citizen Engagement: How Stronger Communication Ensures a Safer Community

Informing, protecting and safeguarding the community is a top priority for those in charge of public safety when an emergency strikes.

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Communicating Beyond the Classroom: Keeping School Staff Safe and Healthy

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the K-12 landscape across the U.S.

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Crisis Communication and Safety in Education

Of all the ways COVID-19 upended our daily lives, its disruption to learning was unprecedented.

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Domestic Violence: How Improved Communication Empowers Victims and Emergency Personnel

Learn how leveraging technology can improve domestic violence-related outcomes.

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Earthquake Preparedness: How to Keep Your Campus Community Safe When Seconds Matter

Learn how colleges and universities can notify their campus communities when an earthquake strikes.

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Download this checklist to determine which critical communication and collaboration tools your agency needs.

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Emergency Preparedness Drill Checklist for Higher Education

Having the tools and plans in place is vital to informing and keeping your campus community safe.

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4 Ways Campus Safety Officials Can Encourage Student Safety Involvement

This whitepaper covers four examples of how campus safety officials are working on strengthening their relationships with the student population.

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10 Tips to Help You Address Staffing Needs

Maintaining continuity of daily operations, especially during a public health crisis, is one of the most important responsibilities for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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2021 Survey Report: Emergency Communication and Public Trust

2020 not only brought on a global pandemic and social unrest, but questions were raised regarding government trust and the meaning of public safety.

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2021 Survey Report: Mental Health and Emergency Response

Rave Mobile Safety fielded a national survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults in April 2021.

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A User’s Guide to Mass Notification and SMS Opt-In for Healthcare

Download this guide to learn how you can protect those visiting your healthcare facility.

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Essential Elements of Federal Emergency Messaging

When an emergency strikes, keeping your personnel, property and environment safe before, during and after an event is vital.

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Essential Elements of State and Local Emergency Messaging

Download this whitepaper to learn the essential elements your emergency messaging system may be missing.

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3 Ways to Get More Out of Rave Alert

Are you getting the most out of Rave Alert for your campus safety? Can you deliver safety resources?

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6 Remedies to Enhance Student Safety Engagement

Campus safety personnel are looking for remedies to enhance student safety engagement within their campus communities. This guide can help.

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10 Questions to Ask your Campus App Vendor

Technology is essential for reaching out to communities on college and university campuses. Here are 10 questions to ask your campus app vendor beforehand.