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9-1-1 emergency alert dashboard

Switching Made Easy: The Essential Emergency Notification Evaluation Checklist 

Today’s healthcare professionals are faced with unrelenting staffing shortages, mental health challenges, burnout, and a significant rise in workplace violence.

students at graduation

Communication Guide for Large Campus Events

From commencements and conferences to sporting events, preparing for a large-scale campus event can be overwhelming. Learn strategies to overcome the complex challenges that you may face during an event, plus gain access to pre-set alert templates to help manage different scenarios.

nurse using tablet

Proven Practices for Streamlined Employee Communications in Healthcare

Read real-life case studies and proven practices of how multiple prestigious healthcare facilities are addressing communication challenges with the Rave Platform to keep employees, patients and their community safe.

people crowd

A Guide to Help Protect Soft Targets

Learn which tools your agency needs to enhance safety and security measures, expedite response efforts and build trust within your community to protect soft targets. Download this helpful guide today.

emergency plan

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Learn how Rave can keep your employees safe during an earthquake with this resource sheet.

empty office

Cost Justification Guide: Rave Business Solutions

Download the justification guide and find out why investing in the Rave platform can further your safety and security efforts.

domestic violence woman holding help sign

Smart911: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Learn how 9-1-1 and law enforcement can leverage technology to better protect residents and first responders.

woman working smiling computer

Workplace Violence: Improving Emergency Communications Is Key to Employee Safety

Learn how organizations can quickly and efficiently alert their employees when a workplace violence incident occurs.

office employees smiling siting together

5 New Ways Tech Can Help Businesses Strengthen Employee Communication

Employees want their employers to keep them updated about incidents and what actions to take, as well as know they have the tools and be comfortable to speak to security personnel.

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A User’s Guide to Mass Notification and SMS Opt-In

Are you able to communicate with your visiting guests when events occur?

man working looking at laptop computer

Business Critical Communications Checklist

Download Rave Mobile Safety's “Business Critical Communication Checklist” to help you evaluate your existing system.

healthcare professionals meeting as a group

A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations are always searching for new ways to resolve understaffing and prepare their staff and facilities for adverse events.