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school safety officer walking hallway

Shared Situational Awareness For Public Safety And Schools

Learn how Rave Mobile Safety Panic Button and CommandCentral Aware boost emergency preparedness, ensuring community and school safety.

Healthcare workers looking at something together

The Rave Panic Button for Healthcare Worker Safety

Improve emergency response times, collaboration, and critical information gathering for healthcare workers with the Rave Panic Button.

government city hall building

Government Buildings Emergency Response Checklist

Evaluate your government building safety preparedness with our comprehensive checklist. Find key strategies for effective emergency communication.

hands holding iPhone with rave alert calling on screen

Expand Emergency Communication with Mobile Reach

Mobile Reach provides contact information for your community to be messaged during emergencies so you can notify the right people at the right time.

college students sitting on campus working and studying

Crisis Management ROI for Higher Education

Be prepared for all possible events. Learn how Rave Collaborate keeps you prepared and improves your school’s bottom line.

corporate office man frustrated holding head

Crisis Management ROI for Corporate

Do you know what the cost of being unprepared could mean? Learn how Rave Collaborate keeps you prepared and improves your organization’s bottom line.

college students studying together in a group

Big Event Protection for Higher Education

Enhance emergency response with Critical Communication and Collaboration tools for big events at colleges and universities.

automated check in nurse patient

Automated Check-In Solution for Traveling Nurses and Lone Workers

Learn more about a cost effective way to improve the safety of traveling healthcare staff with the devices they already own.

man driving forklift using walkie talkie

Crisis Management with Rave Collaborate

Learn how Rave Collaborate can help to eliminate risks and manage events

protecting employees office meeting with employees virtually joining on tv

Protecting Your Company & Employees in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to protect employees and effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from any type of adverse event.

employee safety rave panic button people working

The Rave Panic Button for Employee Safety

Provide safety and protection for employees with the Rave Panic Button.

rave aware dispatcher woman working at computer

Workflow Management & Multiagency Coordination with Rave Link

Learn how your agency can develop priorities to support incident management and stakeholder decision-making with Rave Link.