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Rave Panic Button Guide

In times of uncertainty, preparedness is paramount. The Rave Panic Button exemplifies this readiness, offering unparalleled safety. With its advanced features, Rave ensures swift and accurate responses, especially during critical moments.

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What sets the Rave Panic Button apart in school safety?

Integration Excellence

Seamlessly integrate with your existing technological ecosystem.

Synchronized Communications

In emergencies, it ensures everyone is informed simultaneously. Experience real-time two-way communication with first responders.

User-Friendly Design

Especially with the ‘Staff Assist’ function, Rave ensures fewer steps and faster alerts.

Location Sharing

Responders know your exact location immediately, ensuring faster response times.

Detailed Reporting

Every button press generates an automatic report.

Continuous Advancements

We’re always innovating, with features like SmartLoader, Status Checks, Content Directory, Drill Management, and more.

Advanced 911 Integration

Our unparalleled relationship with 911 services means you get unmatched detail and depth in emergency communications.

Customizable to Your Needs

Whether you’re a multi-campus institution or need specific notification groups, Rave Panic Button is adaptable.


Customers worldwide


As public safety’s innovative leader


Service availability with public safety grade infrastructure and reliability


Messages sent per year


K-12 Schools


Communities & agencies across all 50 states

Join over 10,000 Customers Worldwide

Market Leader in Critical Communication and Collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure the Safety of Your Institution

With the unparalleled features of the Rave Panic Button, you’re taking a proactive step towards enhanced safety. Don’t leave your institution’s safety to chance; connect with our team and experience the Rave difference.