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Workplace Safety & Preparedness: The Trends Shaping Critical Communications in 2022

Listen to this important discussion on key findings from Rave's 2022 Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey.

Texas Silent Panic Alert Technology Grant – Funding Your School Safety Initiatives

Watch Rave, in partnership with Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS) of Texas, for a critical discussion on tools and technology to enhance safety in your schools.

military family of four smiling together

How to Leverage the Rave Platform to Support Your Military Families 

Hear Rave and special guest speaker Command Sergeant Major James W. Breckinridge discuss how the Rave Platform can help support Military Family Readiness programs.

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Alyssa’s Law in NY – What This Means for Your School Community

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and Suffolk County, NY have an important discussion on Alyssa’s Law.

rave mobile safety and at&t kids in classroom

Protecting School Communities: Safety Actions We Can Take Today

Join Rave Mobile Safety, Greenwood Public School (AR), Okaloosa County School District (FL) and Sussex County, Delaware for a critical discussion on the lifesaving changes and tools they have implemented to protect their school communities.

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Rave & High Street Consulting: How to Achieve Organizational Preparedness through Technology Enabled Exercises and Evaluation

Watch Rave and High Street Consulting have an informative discussion about organizational preparedness.

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Transforming AstraZeneca’s Emergency Communication and Response Strategy

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and AstraZeneca discuss crisis response and business continuity best practices.

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

With the addition of AppArmor’s custom branded safety apps, Rave Mobile Safety now offers the most comprehensive solution in the market for communication and incident response.

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The HR Leader’s Role in Emergency Management

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and industry leaders share how you can support your organization’s emergency preparedness.

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Data and Trends Shaping Workplace Critical Communication

Learn key findings on emergency preparedness efforts and communication.

mental health spelled out in scrabble pieces

Addressing Mental Health for Improved Community Safety

Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown shares insight and real-world situations where he helped spearhead efforts to promote greater mental health awareness.

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COVID-19 Enhancements Overview

Check out Rave solutions that you can leverage to better serve your community.

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Crisis Prevention and Preparedness: Getting Your Organization on Board

In order to successfully prepare your organization for a crisis, having a plan in place is crucial.

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From Graduations to Summer Camps: How to Notify Your Temporary Visitors on Campus

Find out how schools overcame database, budget, and engagement hurdles to easily send mass notifications to temporary visitors.

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COPS and STOP Federal Grants – Funding Your School Safety Initiatives

Applications for the COPS School Violence Prevention Program and the STOP School Violence Act grants have now been extended.

helicopter flying above a police car

COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Rave 911 Suite

We wanted to highlight key features within Rave 911 Suite that you can leverage to better serve your community.

college students sitting in circle studying outside

COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Higher Education

Check out Rave solutions that you can leverage to better serve your community.

man wearing mask in front of office building

COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Organizations

We wanted to highlight key features within your Rave solutions that you can leverage to better serve your organization.

employees working on computers in office

The New Reality of Employee Critical Communication

Health and safety is top of mind, and those in charge of protecting employees will need to adapt to a post-COVID world.

man wearing mask in front of office building

Response to Recovery: How Three Organizations Have Addressed COVID-19

The way public health and safety officials work together to inform, protect and support their communities will play a vital role in a successful recovery.

kids on crosswalk with school bus in background

Safe Schools Require Collaboration: How Snohomish County Makes it Work

During a school emergency, the amount of time it takes to react can mean the difference between life and death.

blurred college students walking

The Emerging Challenges of Campus Safety

Learn how colleges and universities are handling their evolving responsibilities of campus safety and what role mass notifications systems play in these situations.

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Supporting Mental Health in Your Community: A Discussion with NAMI and Charleston County

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) Chicago, and public safety officials have a critical discussion on the impact of mental health in communities.

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Confronting Critical Communication and Safety Gaps in Healthcare

Join Rave Mobile Safety for an informative webinar discussing key findings from our 2020 Healthcare Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends Survey.

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Critical Employee Communications: Trends in Workplace Safety and Preparedness

Listen to Rave Mobile Safety and business leaders from across the country for an important discussion around the top communication and safety challenges businesses are facing today.

file folders containing tabs for funding and grants

Funding Your School Safety Initiatives in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, David Kondrup and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District discuss grants and how your school can receive critical funding.

map of city with geographic points highlighted

How to Overcome the Top Public Safety Challenges in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, Michigan's Gratiot County Central Dispatch, and North Carolina’s Burke County Emergency Communications Center host an informative discussion.

doctor hand holding needle with vaccine

Keys for Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Coordination

Join Rave Mobile Safety for this discussion on the keys to creating an effective vaccine coordination plan within your community.

doctor hand holding needle with vaccine

Overcoming Vaccine Distribution Challenges in Your Community

Join Rave Mobile Safety for this timely and informative discussion on how to overcome vaccine distribution challenges in your community.

hurricane as seen from satellite

Preparing for Hurricanes and Natural Disasters Amid COVID-19

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted we would also see an above-normal hurricane season this year.

collaborate on a tablet

Rave Collaborate: How to Think Bigger, Plan Smarter and Act Faster

Whether handling a routine event or facing a large-scale emergency, the early minutes and hours of an incident are often a time of chaos and confusion.

Alert methods for rave alert

Road to Reopening – A New Tool for Effective Communication

In an emergency, desktop alerts may reach employees faster and more reliably than text, email or voice.

storm clouds over land

Top Ways Rave Can Help with Severe Weather Preparedness

We share both new and lesser-known features and functions of Rave's Critical Communication and Collaboration Platform that can help you prepare, respond and mitigate severe weather events.

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Managing Crises — Tools to Keep Your Team Prepared, Organized & Actionable

When managing routine or emergency situations, sending a Rave Alert or activating Rave Panic Button is just the beginning.

emergency dispatch coordinator sitting at computer terminal

Rave 911 Suite & Rave Alert – A Unified Approach to Community Safety

Rave’s customer success team discusses how users can leverage the Rave Platform to collaborate across agencies and utilize data.

college campus quad

Bolstering Your Campus Safety Strategy with Rave Guardian 

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, Grand Valley State University, Purdue University Fort Wayne and Ohio State University as they share how to strengthen a campus safety strategy.