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Texas Silent Panic Alert Technology Grant – Funding Your School Safety Initiatives

Watch Rave, in partnership with Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS) of Texas, for a critical discussion on tools and technology to enhance safety in your schools.

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Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Preparedness

Learn which training, resources, and tools can help residents, employees and students feel safer during natural disasters and severe weather events.

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Alyssa’s Law in NY – What This Means for Your School Community

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and Suffolk County, NY have an important discussion on Alyssa’s Law.

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Protecting School Communities: Safety Actions We Can Take Today

Join Rave Mobile Safety, Greenwood Public School (AR), Okaloosa County School District (FL) and Sussex County, Delaware for a critical discussion on the lifesaving changes and tools they have implemented to protect their school communities.

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Rave & AppArmor for K-12 School Districts

Keep faculty and students safe and informed with Rave's critical communication and collaboration platform for K-12 School Districts.

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

With the addition of AppArmor’s custom branded safety apps, Rave Mobile Safety now offers the most comprehensive solution in the market for communication and incident response.

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2022 Crisis Communication and Safety in Education Survey

COVID-19 and mental health concerns continue to challenge school safety planning. Rave Mobile Safety fielded a survey of over 400 K-12 and higher education professionals from across the U.S to understand the challenges educational institutions are facing planning for the 2022-2023 school year.

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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Learn how Rave can keep your employees safe during an earthquake with this resource sheet.

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K-12 Rave Summit Resources

Catch up on the essential Rave Summit sessions for K-12 leaders with our Rave Summit Showcase.

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The Rave Platform for K-12 Schools

From planned events to crisis scenarios, the Rave Platform provides timely and targeted communication, interconnects public, private and 9-1-1 response teams, delivers personal safety applications, and enhances emergency preparedness and response.

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SwiftK12 Platform Overview

Rave’s critical communication and collaboration platform helps K-12 schools protect, connect and engage teachers, students, and families by providing safety and notification capabilities.

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From Graduations to Summer Camps: How to Notify Your Temporary Visitors on Campus

Find out how schools overcame database, budget, and engagement hurdles to easily send mass notifications to temporary visitors.

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COPS and STOP Federal Grants – Funding Your School Safety Initiatives

Applications for the COPS School Violence Prevention Program and the STOP School Violence Act grants have now been extended.

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Safe Schools Require Collaboration: How Snohomish County Makes it Work

During a school emergency, the amount of time it takes to react can mean the difference between life and death.

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K–12 Mental Health & Safety Toolkit

Learn how a critical communication and collaboration platform enables school leaders to support the mental health and safety of both students and staff.

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Supporting & Protecting Your School Community

Learn how Rave's Critical Communication and Collaboration Platform can help K-12 schools with numerous tools.

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SwiftK12 PDF Builder Module

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration Platform.

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Rave Alert Extension Through WebEOC

The Rave Alert Extension for WebEOC provides seamless integration between WebEOC and Rave Alert.

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K-12: Rave Panic Button for Enhanced Emergency Response

Whether medical, fire, active shooter, or other type of emergency, how fast you and your school reacts will change the outcome.

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Running School Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Educators

This drill kit from Rave Mobile Safety helps you narrow in on the most important factors of school safety.

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Biggest Threat to School Safety: Failure of Communication

Despite the importance of communication in school safety, many teams fail to account for it in their plan of action for before, during, and after an emergency. Download this eBook to learn how to identify and fix these common communication blind spots.

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K-12 Back-to-School Safety Concerns Report

Rave Mobile Safety’s back-to-school planning survey was conducted to understand how schools and districts are approaching the 2020–2021 academic year.

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Protecting Your School Community in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of adverse event.

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Communicating Beyond the Classroom: Keeping School Staff Safe and Healthy

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the K-12 landscape across the U.S.

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Crisis Communication and Safety in Education

Of all the ways COVID-19 upended our daily lives, its disruption to learning was unprecedented.

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Funding Your School Safety Initiatives in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, David Kondrup and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District discuss grants and how your school can receive critical funding.

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Rave Panic Button Features

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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School Safety Evaluation Kit

Download the School Safety Evaluation Kit to find the right safety solution today!

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Expanded User Attributes

For schools, communities and organizations, having accurate user-specific information accessible and available in your emergency notification system is essential.

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Opt-In to Alerts with Rave Keywords

By collecting and sharing critical information – Rave keeps your people informed, actionable and safe.

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Rave Alert Emergency Notifications in Three Clicks

Rave Alert takes emergency notifications to the next level and can be used however you see fit.

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Rave Eyewitness Anonymous Text-to-Tip Solution

Extend the reach of community safety with Rave Eyewitness.