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workers using a text notification system

Improve Your Communications With a Text Notification System

Cameron Schaefer - March 17, 2023

Does your company, organization, school or hospital communicate via text? Many older mass notification systems rely on emails and voice calls to reach recipients, but texting offers several unique benefits that can’t be overlooked.

doctor looking at phone with patient in background

What Is a Hospital Incident Command System?

Ian Wilmot - March 9, 2023

Hospitals must be prepared to respond to a range of emergencies. Learn more about developing and maintaining a hospital incident command system.

manufacturing woman work in a plant

Business Continuity in Manufacturing: Protecting People and Profits

Ian Wilmot - March 7, 2023

Manufacturing businesses can quickly lose money during emergencies and disruptions. Find out how to improve business continuity in manufacturing.

health and wellness safety plan employee meditate at desk

March Safety Training: Health and Wellness

Ian Wilmot - March 1, 2023

Protecting employees goes beyond emergency preparedness. A comprehensive safety program should include health and wellness training.

construction worker

Critical Communication for the Construction Industry

Ian Wilmot - February 24, 2023

Find out how Rave Mobile Safety’s critical communication tools for the construction industry can help corporations protect people and profits.

rave aware preview

Maximizing Emergency Response Efficiency Through Data Sharing Between 9-1-1 and DOT

Todd Miller - February 22, 2023

By sharing data between local PSAPs and the DOT, local jurisdictions and other stakeholders can work together to quickly identify and respond to emergencies.

fire fighters standing in front of fire truck

Rave Aware: Improving Situational Awareness and Collaboration for Better Emergency Response

Ian Wilmot - February 20, 2023

Emergency response works best in a collaborative environment. Find out how Rave Aware improves situational awareness and lowers response times.

stock market numbers in window

Business Continuity for Financial Services Corporations

Ian Wilmot - February 17, 2023

Financial services corporations are vulnerable to emergencies and disruptions. Find out how to build an effective business continuity plan.

lawmaker working at desk

The Broadening Landscape of Protecting Legislative Bodies

Lauren Gonnelli - February 15, 2023

Learn how the approach to the safety of state and federal legislators has drastically changed and deserving of its own focus.

college students sitting together smiling university duty of care

What to Know About Higher Education Institutions’ Duty of Care

Ian Wilmot - February 9, 2023

Is a university responsible for keeping students and faculty safe? Find out more about higher education institutions and their duty of care.

hospitality worker smiling hospitality safety

Keeping Hospitality Workers Safe on the Job

Ian Wilmot - February 7, 2023

Hospitality workers face unique threats to their safety and productivity. Find out how to protect your employees and support business continuity.

first aid safety training

February Safety Training: First Aid

Ian Wilmot - February 1, 2023

First aid skills can save lives and are vital to workplace safety. Find out how to train your employees to respond during an emergency.