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school safety officer walking hallway

Shared Situational Awareness For Public Safety And Schools

Learn how Rave Mobile Safety Panic Button and CommandCentral Aware boost emergency preparedness, ensuring community and school safety.

severe weather meteorologist

2023 Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Preparedness Survey Report

Learn how community members and emergency management professionals alike can proactively plan for significant weather events.

hands holding iPhone with rave alert calling on screen

Expand Emergency Communication with Mobile Reach

Mobile Reach provides contact information for your community to be messaged during emergencies so you can notify the right people at the right time.

man driving forklift using walkie talkie

Crisis Management with Rave Collaborate

Learn how Rave Collaborate can help to eliminate risks and manage events

employee safety rave panic button people working

The Rave Panic Button for Employee Safety

Provide safety and protection for employees with the Rave Panic Button.

rave aware dispatcher woman working at computer

Workflow Management & Multiagency Coordination with Rave Link

Learn how your agency can develop priorities to support incident management and stakeholder decision-making with Rave Link.

Severe weather planning in front of map

Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Preparedness

Learn which training, resources, and tools can help residents, employees and students feel safer during natural disasters and severe weather events.

doctor comforting patient

Empowering Domestic Violence Victims & Protecting First Responders 

Learn how the Rave Platform helps keep your entire community safe by elevating your communication strategy.

students in classroom with teacher standing at front of class as kids raise hands

Rave & AppArmor for K-12 School Districts

Keep faculty and students safe and informed with Rave's critical communication and collaboration platform for K-12 School Districts.

hand holding phone while working on a laptop

Rave & AppArmor for State & Local

Rave’s new critical communication and collaboration platform provides communities with numerous tools to keep people safe and informed.

campus overhead image

Next-Level Mapping Capabilities with Rave

Mapping capabilities within the Rave Platform can allow key stakeholders to fully understand the severity and details of a situation with easily digestible visuals, evacuation routes, and more.

dispatcher working at computer

Cross Jurisdiction Data Sharing with Rave Link

Rave Link is a cost-effective, secure and interoperable solution for public safety agencies to share data, speed response and collaborate on incidents across jurisdictions.