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Healthcare Worker Safety: Revealing the Trends Impacting Safety and Security in 2023

Register for this important discussion on emergency preparedness efforts and communication, and how technology plays a key role in protecting healthcare workers.

automated check in nurse patient

Automated Check-In Solution for Traveling Nurses and Lone Workers

Learn more about a cost effective way to improve the safety of traveling healthcare staff with the devices they already own.

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Crisis Management with Rave Collaborate

Learn how Rave Collaborate can help to eliminate risks and manage events

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Protecting Your Company & Employees in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to protect employees and effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from any type of adverse event.

employee safety rave panic button people working

The Rave Panic Button for Employee Safety

Provide safety and protection for employees with the Rave Panic Button.

workplace safety preparedness office employees

Workplace Safety & Preparedness: The Trends Shaping Critical Communications in 2022

Listen to this important discussion on key findings from Rave's 2022 Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey.

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2022 Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey Report

As more employees returned to physical workspaces in 2022, employers are yet again rethinking their safety and preparedness plans.

Severe weather planning in front of map

Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Preparedness

Learn which training, resources, and tools can help residents, employees and students feel safer during natural disasters and severe weather events.

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How to Leverage the Rave Platform to Support Your Military Families 

Hear Rave and special guest speaker Command Sergeant Major James W. Breckinridge discuss how the Rave Platform can help support Military Family Readiness programs.

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Rave & High Street Consulting: How to Achieve Organizational Preparedness through Technology Enabled Exercises and Evaluation

Watch Rave and High Street Consulting have an informative discussion about organizational preparedness.

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Rave & AppArmor for Healthcare Facilities

Keep staff, visitors and patients safe and informed with Rave's critical communication and collaboration platform for healthcare facilities.

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Transforming AstraZeneca’s Emergency Communication and Response Strategy

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and AstraZeneca discuss crisis response and business continuity best practices.

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

With the addition of AppArmor’s custom branded safety apps, Rave Mobile Safety now offers the most comprehensive solution in the market for communication and incident response.

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2022 Survey Report: Public Safety Trends

To better understand the current challenges of public safety professionals, Rave Mobile Safety fielded a national survey of nearly 300 emergency responders. Discover the top challenges causing significant impacts to those in public safety and changes needed to improve public safety operations.

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A Guide to Help Protect Soft Targets

Learn which tools your agency needs to enhance safety and security measures, expedite response efforts and build trust within your community to protect soft targets. Download this helpful guide today.

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Securing Soft Targets in Your Community

Discover how the Rave platform can help secure soft targets and strengthen security in your community by keeping them informed and sharing critical information before, during and after an incident.

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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills

Learn how Rave can keep your employees safe during an earthquake with this resource sheet.

state capitol building

Protecting State Capitols and Soft Targets

Fast, smart reliable community safety with the Rave Platform - built to modernize safety and emergency communications in our nation's public buildings and critical infrastructure. 

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Higher Education Rave Summit Resources

Catch up on the essential Rave Summit sessions for Higher Education leaders with our Rave Summit Showcase.

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State & Local Rave Summit Resources

Catch up on the essential Rave Summit sessions for State & Local leaders with our Rave Summit Showcase.


The Rave Platform for Healthcare

The Rave Platform for healthcare facilities is purpose-built to enable emergency notifications, critical data sharing and response coordination.

corporate office employees working

Rave Platform for Corporate

Rave provides critical communication and collaboration for your business. The Rave Platform is purpose-built to enable emergency notifications, critical data sharing and response coordination. 

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Addressing Mental Health for Improved Community Safety

Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown shares insight and real-world situations where he helped spearhead efforts to promote greater mental health awareness.

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Crisis Prevention and Preparedness: Getting Your Organization on Board

In order to successfully prepare your organization for a crisis, having a plan in place is crucial.

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From Graduations to Summer Camps: How to Notify Your Temporary Visitors on Campus

Find out how schools overcame database, budget, and engagement hurdles to easily send mass notifications to temporary visitors.

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COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Higher Education

Check out Rave solutions that you can leverage to better serve your community.

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COVID-19 Enhancements Overview for Organizations

We wanted to highlight key features within your Rave solutions that you can leverage to better serve your organization.

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Response to Recovery: How Three Organizations Have Addressed COVID-19

The way public health and safety officials work together to inform, protect and support their communities will play a vital role in a successful recovery.

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Safe Schools Require Collaboration: How Snohomish County Makes it Work

During a school emergency, the amount of time it takes to react can mean the difference between life and death.

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The Emerging Challenges of Campus Safety

Learn how colleges and universities are handling their evolving responsibilities of campus safety and what role mass notifications systems play in these situations.

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Supporting & Protecting Your School Community

Learn how Rave's Critical Communication and Collaboration Platform can help K-12 schools with numerous tools.

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The Complete Emergency Management Solutions Toolkit

Learn why it’s crucial for your platform to have lines of internal communication, a searchable and accessible database, comprehensive alerting features, and other capabilities.

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A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations are always searching for new ways to resolve understaffing and prepare their staff and facilities for adverse events.

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Cost Justification Guide: Rave Business Solutions

Download the justification guide and find out why investing in the Rave platform can further your safety and security efforts.

domestic violence woman holding help sign

Smart911: Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence

Learn how 9-1-1 and law enforcement can leverage technology to better protect residents and first responders.

rave guardian apps on phone

Rave Guardian Custom-Branded Employee Safety App for Corporate Safety

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

doctor and nurse talking while holding tablet

Rave Guardian: Connect and Protect Your Healthcare Staff

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform for healthcare.

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Rave Alert State and Local Alert SMS Opt-in

State and Local Alert SMS Opt-in provides an easy way for people to sign up for temporary or long-term inclusion in your alert database.

woman walking looking at cellphone

Rave Alert Extension Through WebEOC

The Rave Alert Extension for WebEOC provides seamless integration between WebEOC and Rave Alert.

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Rave Alert Corporate SMS Opt-in

Enhance emergency communication with the people in your organization using Rave’s Business Alert SMS Opt-in solution.

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Rave Eyewitness for State and Local

Rave EyeWitness for state and local, brings affordable text messaging based crime tips to universities across the country.

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Rave Guardian Branded Mobile App for Higher Education Safety

With Rave Guardian, Campus Safety officials build positive community relationships by engaging directly with students via texting and anonymous tips.

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Higher Education Rave Alert SMS Opt-in

Higher education alert SMS Opt-in, a Rave Alert add-on, expands accessibility to your Rave Alert communications.

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K-12: Rave Panic Button for Enhanced Emergency Response

Whether medical, fire, active shooter, or other type of emergency, how fast you and your school reacts will change the outcome.

town with houses and church

Rave Prepare for State and Local

Rave Prepare for state and local leverages your existing Smart911 service and provides the capabilities needed to better prepare for emergencies.

Running School Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Educators

This drill kit from Rave Mobile Safety helps you narrow in on the most important factors of school safety.

severe weather storm lightning

Severe Weather: How to Take Action and Keep Employees Safe

Find out how businesses can alert their employees about an impending weather event like hurricanes and any necessary steps they need to take to prepare.

Workplace Violence: How a Comprehensive Communication System Can Improve Nurse Safety

Find out how healthcare organizations can quickly and efficiently alert their nursing personnel to violent incidents.

mental health blocks with text on them

5 Strategies for Increased Mental Health Awareness

Learn the five basic strategies for reducing the negative impact mental health can have in your community.

hospital bed in hallway

Helping Healthcare Address the Three Pillars of Emergency Messaging

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t afford to fall short when it comes to emergency messaging.

student sitting alone

Higher Education Capabilities for the Post-COVID Campus and Beyond

Download this checklist to determine which critical communication and collaboration tools your campus needs.

community group of people standing together

The Top 5 Public Safety Challenges: How to Protect an Entire Community in Today’s World

Learn which tools your agency needs to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from adverse events in your community.

middle school students grouped together smiling

K-12 Back-to-School Safety Concerns Report

Rave Mobile Safety’s back-to-school planning survey was conducted to understand how schools and districts are approaching the 2020–2021 academic year.

k-12 school children together

Protecting Your School Community in Today’s World

Learn the essential tools you need to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of adverse event.

man in shit and tie wearing a mask standing in front of building

Proven Practices for Tackling Workplace Challenges in a Post-Coronavirus World

Get real-world examples of how some businesses are both succeeding and struggling in a post-coronavirus world.

man working on laptop

4 Ways Desktop Notifications Can Make a Difference

Your critical communication system is incomplete if you don’t have the ability to send desktop notifications to your employees.

rescue first responders

7 Tips to Help You Identify and Notify Your At-Risk Population

Learn best practices and tools to help community leaders identify, engage and collaborate with at-risk populations.

map of city with geographic points highlighted

A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Public Safety Solutions

Download this guide to discover how the Rave platform can help you collaborate with all of your fellow stakeholders.

manufacturing facility workers

Best Practice Guide: 10 Tips to Help You Address Staffing Needs

Maintaining the continuity of daily operations at your manufacturing facility is crucial, especially during an emergency or public health crisis.

middle school students working together computers

Communicating Beyond the Classroom: Keeping School Staff Safe and Healthy

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the K-12 landscape across the U.S.

students sitting together smiling

Crisis Communication and Safety in Education

Of all the ways COVID-19 upended our daily lives, its disruption to learning was unprecedented.

girl sitting in chair looking into distance thinking

Domestic Violence: How Improved Communication Empowers Victims and Emergency Personnel

Learn how leveraging technology can improve domestic violence-related outcomes.

crowd walking on crosswalk at busy intersection in city

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Download this checklist to determine which critical communication and collaboration tools your agency needs.

file folders containing tabs for funding and grants

Funding Your School Safety Initiatives in 2021

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, David Kondrup and La Mesa-Spring Valley School District discuss grants and how your school can receive critical funding.

collaborate on a tablet

Rave Collaborate: How to Think Bigger, Plan Smarter and Act Faster

Whether handling a routine event or facing a large-scale emergency, the early minutes and hours of an incident are often a time of chaos and confusion.

storm clouds over land

Top Ways Rave Can Help with Severe Weather Preparedness

We share both new and lesser-known features and functions of Rave's Critical Communication and Collaboration Platform that can help you prepare, respond and mitigate severe weather events.

emergency dispatch coordinator sitting at computer terminal

Rave 911 Suite & Rave Alert – A Unified Approach to Community Safety

Rave’s customer success team discusses how users can leverage the Rave Platform to collaborate across agencies and utilize data.

cell phone with mobile safety app open

Rave Guardian Engage and Protect Your People

Rave Guardian helps users feel connected and safe as help is always only a click away.

girl working at desktop computer

Rave Notifier for Desktop

Whether working remotely or traveling, having the ability to provide critical alerts to employees across all devices is essential. Learn how Rave Notifier for Desktop can help organizations instantly deliver notifications via desktops, in addition to SMS, voice and email.

hand holding phone with panic button app on screen

Rave Panic Button Features

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

corporate office space

Survey on Employee’s Perception of Workplace Safety and Preparedness

Rave Mobile Safety’s third annual Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey shows that critical communications in the workplace are evolving.

college campus quad

Bolstering Your Campus Safety Strategy with Rave Guardian 

Watch Rave Mobile Safety, Grand Valley State University, Purdue University Fort Wayne and Ohio State University as they share how to strengthen a campus safety strategy.

business man working at a laptop hands typing

Critical Communication and Employee Safety: Solutions for Business

Understand which capabilities your organization needs in an effective communication and employee safety solution.

nurse using tablet

Emergency Communications and Preparedness Solutions in Healthcare

During an emergency, having the ability to ensure the right communications get to the right people at the right time is vital.

checkmark over blurred background

Running Workplace Safety Drills: A Guide and Template for Businesses

Learn practices and strategies to help build a customized plan to keep your organization safe and informed.

school classroom with teacher writing on blackboard

School Safety Evaluation Kit

Download the School Safety Evaluation Kit to find the right safety solution today!

tornado touching down

Corporate Severe Weather Kit

Having the tools and plans in place is vital to informing and keeping employees safe when severe weather or a natural disaster strikes.

manufacturing facility

Critical Communication and Collaboration Tools for a Safe and Efficient Manufacturing Environment

With Rave, keep operations running smoothly and ensure employees feel safe and protected.

man working on laptop

Expanded User Attributes

For schools, communities and organizations, having accurate user-specific information accessible and available in your emergency notification system is essential.

man texting cell phone

Opt-In to Alerts with Rave Keywords

By collecting and sharing critical information – Rave keeps your people informed, actionable and safe.

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Rave Alert Emergency Notifications in Three Clicks

Rave Alert takes emergency notifications to the next level and can be used however you see fit.

hand holding phone layered over globe

Rave Eyewitness Anonymous Text-to-Tip Solution

Extend the reach of community safety with Rave Eyewitness.

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2021 Survey Report: Mental Health and Emergency Response

Rave Mobile Safety fielded a national survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults in April 2021.

office with employees at work in cubicles

2021 Survey Report: Workplace Safety and Preparedness

Rave conducted our 4th annual Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey.

map of city with geographic points highlighted

Essential Elements of Federal Emergency Messaging

When an emergency strikes, keeping your personnel, property and environment safe before, during and after an event is vital.

hand holding phone layered over globe

Essential Elements of State and Local Emergency Messaging

Download this whitepaper to learn the essential elements your emergency messaging system may be missing.

Severe Weather Preparedness Toolkit

Severe weather events and natural disasters are wreaking havoc across the globe, with the frequency of these events increasing every year.

students standing against wall holding cell phones

6 Remedies to Enhance Student Safety Engagement

Campus safety personnel are looking for remedies to enhance student safety engagement within their campus communities. This guide can help.

students on campus walking

10 Questions to Ask your Campus App Vendor

Technology is essential for reaching out to communities on college and university campuses. Here are 10 questions to ask your campus app vendor beforehand.