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Workplace Safety & Preparedness: The Trends Shaping Critical Communications in 2022

Listen to this important discussion on key findings from Rave's 2022 Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey.

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2022 Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey Report

As more employees returned to physical workspaces in 2022, employers are yet again rethinking their safety and preparedness plans.

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Natural Disaster & Severe Weather Preparedness

Learn which training, resources, and tools can help residents, employees and students feel safer during natural disasters and severe weather events.

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Rave & High Street Consulting: How to Achieve Organizational Preparedness through Technology Enabled Exercises and Evaluation

Watch Rave and High Street Consulting have an informative discussion about organizational preparedness.

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Rave & AppArmor for Healthcare Facilities

Keep staff, visitors and patients safe and informed with Rave's critical communication and collaboration platform for healthcare facilities.

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Transforming AstraZeneca’s Emergency Communication and Response Strategy

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and AstraZeneca discuss crisis response and business continuity best practices.

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

Rave & AppArmor: The Market Standard in Safety and Incident Response

With the addition of AppArmor’s custom branded safety apps, Rave Mobile Safety now offers the most comprehensive solution in the market for communication and incident response.

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The HR Leader’s Role in Emergency Management

Watch Rave Mobile Safety and industry leaders share how you can support your organization’s emergency preparedness.

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Next-Level Mapping Capabilities with Rave

Mapping capabilities within the Rave Platform can allow key stakeholders to fully understand the severity and details of a situation with easily digestible visuals, evacuation routes, and more.

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Proven Practices for Streamlined Employee Communications in Healthcare

Read real-life case studies and proven practices of how multiple prestigious healthcare facilities are addressing communication challenges with the Rave Platform to keep employees, patients and their community safe.

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Corporate & Healthcare Rave Summit Resources

Catch up on the essential Rave Summit sessions for Corporate & Healthcare leaders with our Rave Summit Showcase.

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The Rave Platform for Healthcare

The Rave Platform for healthcare facilities is purpose-built to enable emergency notifications, critical data sharing and response coordination.

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Crisis Prevention and Preparedness: Getting Your Organization on Board

In order to successfully prepare your organization for a crisis, having a plan in place is crucial.

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A Cost Justification Guide for Rave Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations are always searching for new ways to resolve understaffing and prepare their staff and facilities for adverse events.

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Rave Guardian: Connect and Protect Your Healthcare Staff

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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Rave Alert Extension Through WebEOC

The Rave Alert Extension for WebEOC provides seamless integration between WebEOC and Rave Alert.

Workplace Violence: How a Comprehensive Communication System Can Improve Nurse Safety

Find out how healthcare organizations can quickly and efficiently alert their nursing personnel to violent incidents.

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Helping Healthcare Address the Three Pillars of Emergency Messaging

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can’t afford to fall short when it comes to emergency messaging.

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Confronting Critical Communication and Safety Gaps in Healthcare

Join Rave Mobile Safety for an informative webinar discussing key findings from our 2020 Healthcare Emergency Preparedness and Security Trends Survey.

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Road to Reopening – A New Tool for Effective Communication

In an emergency, desktop alerts may reach employees faster and more reliably than text, email or voice.

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Rave Notifier for Desktop

Whether working remotely or traveling, having the ability to provide critical alerts to employees across all devices is essential. Learn how Rave Notifier for Desktop can help organizations instantly deliver notifications via desktops, in addition to SMS, voice and email.

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Rave Panic Button Features

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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The Rave Platform for Critical Communication and Collaboration

Learn more about Rave Mobile Safety's Critical Communication and Collaboration platform.

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Emergency Communications and Preparedness Solutions in Healthcare

During an emergency, having the ability to ensure the right communications get to the right people at the right time is vital.

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Expanded User Attributes

For schools, communities and organizations, having accurate user-specific information accessible and available in your emergency notification system is essential.

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Opt-In to Alerts with Rave Keywords

By collecting and sharing critical information – Rave keeps your people informed, actionable and safe.

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Rave Alert Emergency Notifications in Three Clicks

Rave Alert takes emergency notifications to the next level and can be used however you see fit.