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COVID-19 Recovery Solutions

As your situation continues to evolve, our solutions can support your message and mission along the way.

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Enhance your ability to monitor and quickly communicate changes as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.


Collect and surface critical data, target messages, and make strategic decisions to reopen effectively.

Post COVID-19

Continue to leverage your solutions for ongoing critical situations, from day-to-day communications to emergency updates.

Rave is your coronavirus recovery solution.

Monitor the health of your staff, faculty or employees. Quickly and effectively communicate across channels. Keep everyone connected.

Geo-Poll Health Checks

Automate polling via SMS, email or voice to know if your people are OK before returning to work.

Staff Scheduling

Fill shifts with available and healthy employees or faculty members in a moment’s notice.

Two-Way Messaging

Enable your workforce to confidentially tip or report health or safety conditions and violations.

Actionable Resources

Access critical information at the click of the button and tap into analytics around the health of your school or business.

Solutions for All Industries

Public Safety and Health

Leverage technology to serve as the official source of accurate information. Tap into data to help you prepare for and guide strategic decisions needed for your community’s health and well-being.


Maximize employee safety and minimize operational disruption with one platform that effectively shares and collects critical information to keep your employees informed, actionable and safe.


Keep workers safe and informed in and out of your facilities to reduce impacts to the supply chain, alleviate fears, and continue production through shift changes or transitions.

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Maintain a consistent flow of communication with frontline employees and staff. Conduct wellness checks with employees and provide them with a safety app for on-the-go protection.


Provide students and staff with updates and resources to keep them safe and healthy on and off campus. Share and collect data to keep them informed.

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Discover our prepackaged solutions or configure a package that’s right for your community, company, K-12 schools and higher education system. Learn how you can be up and running in days, take advantage of unlimited emergency usage, and benefit from unbeatable performance and customer satisfaction.