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Transportation & Warehousing: Keeping Employees and Passengers Safe

Enhance safety and support productivity with emergency notifications and critical communication tools.

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Protect People

Send multichannel emergency alerts to employees and travelers with crucial data and instructions during crisis situations.

Enhance Communication

Initiate status checks and monitor workforce morale with polls and other two-way communication tools.

Support Productivity

Use operational messaging to reschedule shifts and update route timetables addressing unscheduled disruptions.

Prepare for Emergencies

Develop comprehensive crisis response plans and allow incident managers to access them from a secure web-based portal.

Protect passengers, visitors and timelines with a comprehensive communications platform.

Transportation corporations face unique challenges, whether they’re moving cargo or passengers. Ships, trucks, trains and airplanes can cause significant problems if they malfunction, threatening safety and profitability. Additionally, transportation providers must contend with external forces that can disrupt operations and affect timelines: severe weather, road construction, traffic, illness outbreaks and active assailant scenarios.

Likewise, there are many events that can threaten operations and personnel in the warehousing industry. Equipment malfunctions, supply chain disruptions and on-site accidents are realistic threats for which warehousing companies must prepare.

A comprehensive, reliable communications solution is a vital part of emergency preparedness and risk mitigation for transportation and warehousing corporations. Targeted emergency notifications, incident collaboration tools and mobile safety applications are crucial resources that help corporations minimize threats to their people and operations.

Emergency Notifications

Keep employees, passengers, contractors and key stakeholders apprised of crisis situations with emergency alerts that are automatically translated and sent via email, voice, SMS text, social media and digital signage.

Continuity of Operations

Quickly respond to equipment failures, traffic, customs delays and weather-related closures, implementing emergency protocols and reducing downtime.

Workforce Management

Connect with on-site and remote workers, drivers and contractors to monitor physical and mental health and simplify scheduling.

Safety Protocols

Maintain emergency documentation in a secure online platform, ensuring authorized users can access crucial information from any location.

IT Support

Automate crisis management and notification tasks during IT outages, activating response teams and quickly notifying users of unscheduled outages and restarts.

Robust Communication Solutions for Transportation and Warehousing Corporations

Rave Mobile Safety offers a range of communication and collaboration tools designed to support safety and productivity. With reliable emergency notification tools and robust communication systems, transportation and warehousing businesses can keep employees informed, implement emergency response procedures and reduce the time it takes to return to normal operations following a crisis.

Authentic Workforce Engagement

Maintain communication with workers regardless of their location or role. With easy-to-use functionality such as status checks and polls, managers can check in on employees who are out sick, on leave or recovering from a crisis. Users can initiate confidential text-based communications to report suspicious behavior or safety concerns.

Automated Task Management

Support fast and efficient emergency response protocols with comprehensive task oversight tools. Rave simplifies task management, allowing administrators to access prebuilt, crisis-specific lists of critical tasks. Authorized users can assign, modify and track tasks within the platform via a simple user interface.

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Targeted Mass Notifications

Avoid alert fatigue and unnecessary interruptions by sending messages only to targeted groups. Create an unlimited number of groups based on role or location (e.g., shift managers or drivers en route). Quickly determine which groups to notify with emergency alerts or operational messages.

Coordinated Crisis Response

Ensure a coordinated and efficient emergency response to crises of all types by simplifying communication between various agencies and stakeholders. Ensure 9-1-1 dispatch, first responders and internal incident managers can easily share information and allocate appropriate resources toward response and recovery.

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Productivity Support

Respond faster to crises and reduce their impact on people and productivity. Automated alerts, redundant communications and incident collaboration tools ensure administrators can reach key stakeholders in any location and work together to restore operations as quickly as possible.

Exceptional Reliability and Support

Over 8,000 customers trust Rave to help them keep their people safe. Our FedRAMP-authorized mass notification system sends over 1.2 billion notifications each year, and we offer outstanding customer support 24/7/365.

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Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

Thousands of customers trust Rave to help protect their employees, students, and residents. Our customers include some of the largest communities, most respected companies, and best known colleges and universities in the world.

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