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Make Remote Workforce Communication Easier

for Employees

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, those who were self-employed made up the vast majority of the remote workforce and were expected to become the majority of workers by 2027. With the rapid market changes in the last three years, however, the number of remote and self-employed workers and employees has already become the majority.

Make Remote Workforce Communication Easier for Employees

Keep Remote Employees in the Know

Easy to Use

  • Access to prebuilt messaging templates
  • Intuitive interfaces for user-friendly app use
  • Integration with existing systems and devices

Health and Safety Checks

  • Automated geo-polling for staffing shift fills
  • Survey employees for wellness checks
  • Quickly communicate with staff after emergencies

Multimodal Communication

  • Text, email, voice and desktop alerts
  • SMS opt-in features for fast alerts to specific lists
  • Available in 60+ languages

Data Management

Remote work has accelerated at intense speeds, and while every remote employee is not a freelancer, effective communication remains a top priority for employers and all their employees— no matter their location. To attain this success, managers must create an open and effective communication system that is easy to use, efficient and accessible.

Such a system, at a minimum, can quickly align key stakeholders in an emergency (or drill), addresses safety protocols, and houses important company policies and procedures, but should also provide the capabilities for other important announcements and updates. In the modern remote workspace, finding the necessary communication tools extends beyond video conferencing software, web cameras and hybrid technology for meeting spaces. 

Successful remote work environments include planning for employee safety and communications with comprehensive mass notification systems and remote work policies.

As the workplace continues to shift drastically after a years-long-pandemic, critical communication will be more important than ever. The health and safety of employees remains a top priority, but the ways in which employers protect and interact with them may look a little different. Employers can do more to keep their employees safe and up-to-date on all company news and policies with a comprehensive communications platform from Rave Mobile Safety.

How Can Remote Workers and Their Employers Utilize a Critical Communication System?

Remote work is likely to remain an integral part of the workforce for employers in all industries. Transitioning a large number of employees into a remote working model means employers must be prepared with a comprehensive communication strategy that keeps everyone in the loop, no matter where they are located.

In the last few years, we have seen how quickly disruptions can occur and how dealing with uncertainty provides an extra challenge for businesses of all sizes. Stressors, such as being in the field alone, severe weather, and ever-changing public health protocols and procedures mean employee engagement and connection are necessary for managing employee well-being.

An efficient critical communication system not only helps prepare for, respond to, and mitigate potentially disruptive situations, but enables employees and their employers to have frequent communication in day-to-day operations or during significant changes. Such systems allowed key stakeholders to send out notifications no matter where employees are located.

How Mass Communications Software Keep Everyone Connected

Multilingual and Multimodal Abilities

Ensure employees are informed by allowing them to choose from 60+ language options in their preferred method of communication.

Mass Notifications

Inform employees in all locations with multiple channels of communication that include text, email, social media and desktop alerts so they never miss an important update.

Targeted Notifications

Segment messages by location or department so that the right people receive the right information at the right time.

Text Opt-In

Activate temporary alert notifications with optional text opt-in feature. Enable various groups of employees to access streamlined communication by texting a unique keyword to a short code and adding themselves to specific groups.

Desktop Notifications

Employees can receive instant communications for critical events, even when working remotely.

Public Safety & Health

Leverage mass communication technology to serve as a source for accurate information. Guide strategic decisions for the safety and well-being of your staff.

Automated Messaging

User-friendly software reinforces policies and procedures, emergency protocols and more for those who work on-site and off-site.

Operational Messaging

Provide the framework with a single login and notification experience to administrators and other privileged users, whether sending emergency notifications or day to day operational messages.

Event-Specific Resources

Digitize standard operating procedures and save time by creating digital communication plans, templates and reference materials before a situation occurs.

Record Responses for Better Engagement

Streamline response times and boost engagement with a detailed timeline of activities and responses. Guide future action plans with collected response data.

Implementing Critical Communication Solutions

Rave Mobile Safety’s communication solutions are extensive and flexible. Businesses, hospital administration, state and local government agencies, school administration, and higher education leadership can choose the best communication platform for them. Each app and feature is designed to fit the needs and challenges of an organization.


Employee Education

An employee safety app can help those in the field or working remotely with geo-targeted notifications and alerts, while also being used as a quick-reference guide for safety policies and procedures. Even if you and your employees are not in the same location, you can activate alerts for important announcements to keep everyone safe and informed.


Boost Engagement

Easy-to-use technology makes it easier for employees to remotely engage with their employers. Through geo-polling capabilities, sending text message notifications with multiple-choice questions allows employees to respond quickly about their wellness or availability.


Evaluate Policies and Procedures

Businesses, hospitals, schools and government agencies must frequently evaluate the safety framework to ensure it still provides an adequate level of safety. Determine whether or not more education, engagement, engineering or policy enforcement is needed by polling community and organization members.


Protect Staff Wherever They Are

No matter where your staff is located, utilize single sign-on and multifactor authorization to quickly and securely enable notifications. Give them a lifeline to access safety and security features and resources wherever they go, such as two-way messaging, emergency alerts and mobile safety timers.


Prepare For Any Situation

User-friendly technology makes it simple to enforce policies and procedures, send out critical information, coordinate resources and track actions steps. Support situational awareness for employees wherever they are, such as on campus, in the parking lot, in the field or on the road.


Minimize Staffing Shortages

When health is a concern, fill staffing shortages in a matter of minutes. Automated notifications with quotas and follow-up messaging capabilities allow staff to prepare for the workday regardless of how many employees are clocked-in or on-site that day.


Keep Safety a Priority

Responding to emergencies is an organization-wide effort. Provide safety to and increase situational awareness through critical communications technology for everyone no matter where they are. Crowdsource employee information for safety profiles and offer support with communications software that instantly and directly connects callers to safety and security personnel, as well as 9-1-1.

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