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Communication Solutions to Protect People, Inventory and Profits

Keep the supply chain moving and your workforce up-to-date from anywhere with reliable, targeted mass notifications.

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Communicate Effectively

Keep employees safe and connected with multichannel emergency alerts and operational messages.

Build Resiliency

Mitigate revenue loss, inventory damage and other crisis-related consequences by coordinating incident response measures with local authorities.

Improve Workforce Engagement

Monitor morale, simplify scheduling and encourage feedback with polls and other two-way communication tools.

Support Productivity

Leverage automated task management tools to improve efficiency and increase production to match demand.

Keep employees, assets and revenue safe in times of crisis.

Retail companies are often complex organizations with many employees and locations. Most retail stores exist in heavily populated areas that are highly susceptible to violence, active shooter events, power/IT outages and weather-related closures. Emergency situations can endanger customers and visitors along with employees, especially if there isn’t a reliable way to notify affected individuals of ongoing situations.

Even a small issue, such as a single-store power outage or localized weather event, can have large-scale ramifications that affect revenue and brand reputation. Additionally, retail companies must be able to react quickly to supply chain disruptions, new consumer trends and the ever-changing nature of e-commerce.

Robust communication and collaboration tools enable owners and managers to respond to and recover from crises. A comprehensive, easy-to-use mass notification system gives managers the ability to notify workers, contractors and customers of emergencies via targeted messages (e.g., email and text) and public notices (e.g., digital signage and broadcast announcements). Incident management systems facilitate emergency response coordination, reducing the time it takes to return to normal operations.

Workforce Safety

Help your employees stay safe during natural disasters, power outages, active shooter events and other crises with fast, reliable mass notifications and safety check-ins.

Emergency Preparedness

Store safety protocols, contact lists and other emergency documentation on a secure online platform that authorized users can access from anywhere.

IT and E-commerce

Protect e-commerce assets from cyberattacks, IT failures and planned outages with robust communication tools and data synchronization features.

Supply Chain

Ensure employees, vendors, drivers and managers receive emergency notifications of severe weather, road work, scheduling delays and other issues that affect product availability.

Mass Notification and Communication Tools for Retail Organizations

Rave Mobile Safety offers a range of communication solutions designed to help retail companies keep their workers and customers safe in a crisis. An easy-to-use mass notification tool allows authorized users to send multichannel alerts in just three clicks. Incident administrators can quickly connect with first responders during a crisis, reducing misinformation and improving response times. Mobile-based apps and tools allow users to send and receive critical communications anywhere.

Targeted Notifications

Alert fatigue can become a significant problem, especially in retail organizations with hundreds of workers and many locations. With Rave’s mass notification system, administrators can easily designate alerts and operational messages for specific groups (e.g., employees of a specific store, recipients in a certain geographical location, delivery drivers or IT workers).

Integration with Alarm Infrastructure

Most corporate headquarters and brick-and-mortar stores already have security systems, fire alarms and other emergency infrastructure. Rather than replacing these useful systems, Rave’s tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with them, increasing functionality and reliability. Employees can report suspicious behavior or safety concerns with a few taps of their mobile devices, which is far more efficient than scrolling through contact lists or locating and activating a physical alarm.

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Efficient Task Management

Effective task management is crucial during emergencies and time-sensitive situations. Managers must be able to create, assign and track tasks to avoid duplicating efforts or missing deadlines. Rave’s incident management tools include robust, AI-enhanced task management systems that save time and effort. Managers can assign tasks from pre-built or customized lists, and automated tracking tools help keep everyone on track and up-to-date.

Coordinated Emergency Response

When seconds count, it’s imperative to address any issues that can hamper emergency response measures. Rave’s collaboration tools simplify communication between internal and external incident managers, allowing security officers, 9-1-1 and law enforcement to share critical information (e.g., floor plans and evacuation instructions).

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Asset and Inventory Protection

Severe weather, supply chain disruptions, criminal activities and cyberattacks are just a few of the issues that can threaten physical inventory and e-commerce assets. Having a comprehensive response and recovery plan can minimize the property and revenue losses that often follow emergency situations. With Rave’s secure online platform, administrators can develop and store comprehensive emergency preparedness plans and access them from anywhere.

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