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Supporting Safety and Compliance in the Construction Industry

Keep employees safe, inform them on and off a work site, and simplify compliance tasks with critical communication, incident collaboration and mobile safety solutions.

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Protect Employees

Use two-way communication tools to check in with on- and off-site workers during and after a crisis event

Increase Safety

Ensure foremen and incident managers have access to emergency procedures, safety documentation and contact lists.

Send Emergency Alerts

Use mass notification tools to keep employees, contractors and key personnel apprised of crises and schedule changes.

Promote Compliance

Allow employees to anonymously report safety concerns and compliance violations to the proper authorities.

Improve productivity and minimize risk with a comprehensive incident management platform.

Construction sites are inherently dangerous; in 2020, over 20 percent of workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry. Even the smallest safety violation or equipment malfunction can have severe financial and human costs. Without clear emergency response procedures and reliable communications tools, incident recovery is slow, and productivity is brought to a standstill.

To minimize the risk of onsite injuries and missed deadlines, construction corporations must have a robust plan for responding to a broad range of crisis scenarios. Rave Mobile Safety’s critical communication tools allow foremen to quickly notify onsite and remote workers, including temporary employees and contractors, of delays, accidents and emergencies. External communications options ensure that shareholders, local government entities and law enforcement are notified of crises as quickly as possible.

Rave’s collaboration tools support fast incident response and recovery, minimizing productivity delays. Incident managers can connect with 9-1-1, local safety authorities and first responders to quickly initiate emergency response measures.

Emergency Alerts

Notify affected employees and contractors of a crisis via multiple channels, increasing safety and facilitating a quick and effective response.

HR Management

Allow key administrators to communicate directly with employees in real-time to share important news, request status updates and track task completion.

Operational Continuity

Facilitate effective crisis response collaboration between internal incident managers and external personnel (e.g., 9-1-1 dispatch and first responders), reducing recovery time and associated productivity losses.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure authorized users can access emergency procedure documentation and keep a record of safety incidents within a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Critical Communication Solutions for Construction Businesses

Rave Mobile Safety’s critical communication and emergency alert tools simplify mass notification and incident management, giving construction corporations the tools they need to manage risk and support the continuity of operations.

Employee Safety and Support

Keep employees, contractors and site visitors safe during normal operations and crises. Quickly notify employees of emergencies and provide critical information, such as evacuation orders or site closure instructions. Geo-targeted alerts and segmented lists allow administrators to contact specific groups without interrupting unaffected employees.

Easy-to-Use Mass Notification Tools

With just three clicks, send messages via multiple communication channels, from RSS feeds and SMS text messages to emails, voicemails and digital signage. Multichannel mass notifications ensure both on- and off-site employees stay apprised of emergencies and receive time-sensitive internal communications.

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Continuous Employee Engagement

Leverage two-way, mobile-based communications tools to engage employees in crucial discussions. Request shift availability details, initiate wellness updates during COVID outbreaks and send safety checks during and following a crisis. Provide employees with a mobile-based apps and tools to securely and anonymously report safety concerns and compliance violations.

Improved Response and Recovery Measures

Robust incident management tools allow authorized users to create and access emergency plans and collaborate directly with first responders. Administrators can easily share site plans, contact lists and live video with 9-1-1 dispatch to coordinate emergency measures. Improved response efficiency reduces the risk of injury and the time it takes to return to normal construction operations.

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Comprehensive Risk Management

Redundant communications and mobile-based notification tools facilitate faster crisis response, mitigating the impact of emergencies on productivity. Onsite and office-based incident managers can access emergency plans, communicate with each other and collaborate with first responders. Users can instantly report a fire, injury or violent incident and connect with 9-1-1 via a mobile panic button.

Outstanding Reliability and Customer Service

Rave’s communication and mass notification platform offers service availability of over 99.99% and transmit over 1 billion messages each year. Enjoy peace of mind with tools that are FedRAMP, FirstNET and SAFETY Act certified, and get expert customer support 24/7/365.

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Thousands of customers trust Rave to help protect their employees, students, and residents. Our customers include some of the largest communities, most respected companies, and best known colleges and universities in the world.

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