Enhancing 9-1-1


Of the 250 million calls 9-1-1 answers annually, Rave’ 9-1-1 enhancing technology processes 10% of these protecting first responders and saving countless lives.



PSAPS and 9-1-1 call takers use Smart911’s enhanced communication, technology and additional data to make faster, better decisions, shorten response times, and save lives.

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Rave Panic Button


In emergencies, Rave Panic Button instantly connects directly to  9-1-1 and immediately notifies on-site personnel. This instant notification speeds up on-site emergency procedures, initiates immediate and on-going collaboration, and improves first responder response times and safety.

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sprepare1SmartPrepare™ lets emergency managers systematically identify individual needs within their entire community and send targeted messages to defined segments before, during, and after emergencies.

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Smart911Connect easily integrates additional data sources – like telematics crash data, IP video feeds, third party data sources, PBX, floor plans – into the Smart911 system delivering structured information  to telecommunicators for improved reaction and response.

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