Silent Communication Protected a Family in Fearsome Situation

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Silent Communication Protected a Family in Fearsome Situation

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The Grove City Divison of Police work to provide high-quality service through innovative technology and training methods, specialized investigation, and professional, unbiased enforcement. 


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In most cities in the United States, the majority of 9-1-1 calls come from mobile phones, which do not provide an exact address. This is a problem in situations where a caller may not be able to speak, such as home invasions, domestic violence incidents, and other emergencies, where too much time is spent trying to locate the callers.

The two-way chat component in the Rave 911 Suite helps in these situations and can guide the PSAP’s everyday emergency response operations. The text feature allows telecommunicators to initiate two-way text conversations with any mobile caller. If the emergency caller is nonverbal, disconnected, or has poor coverage, 9-1-1 centers can easily contact them to send help or verify accident details. In addition to helping locate residents, this service has been effective in dangerous situations where the caller is afraid to talk.

The Solution

In Grove City, Ohio, a 9-1-1 call came into Police that was immediately disconnected. When the 9-1-1 dispatcher called the resident back, a distressed female could be heard asking an unknown male in the room where her keys were before the call disconnected again. Unsure if this was a true emergency, the dispatcher decided to send a SMS text asking the female caller if she was in danger. The female responded there was a dangerous man in her house, and he was refusing to return her keys and leave the property.

“The Smart911 Safety Profile may have saved up to 15 minutes in our response time. We were able to get our officers to the scene sooner and prevent a dangerous situation from escalating further.”


The Result

The female said the male subject was breaking a legal protection order she had filed against him with the help of the man’s parole officer. The women’s four children, who were all present in the home during the incident, were also included in the protection order. The man was threatening to beat the woman up and refused to leave the property. The woman was able to text 9-1-1 her address and police were dispatched to the scene immediately. The male subject was taken into custody and the woman and children were recovered safely

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