Rave's capabilities have revolutionized
our response process. The Chat feature
alone is lifesaving in all situations in which
the caller is unable to speak.
Tim Smith
Executive Director
Ottawa County (MI) 911

9-1-1 Data and Communications
Tools for a Faster Response

community alerts
  • CRITICAL data on all 9-1-1 calls
  • SHORTER response time
  • IMPROVED first responder safety
  • ENHANCED 911 reports with call traffic and trends

10 % of All 9-1-1 Calls

processed by Rave

12 Patents Held

for lifesaving technology

55M Americans

protected by Rave software

emergency alert

Critical 9-1-1 Data for Faster Response

  • Actionable caller and facility data
  • Improved situational awareness for first responders

Improved Communication With SMS Texting

  • Easily communicate with callers unable to speak
  • Reduce unnecessary dispatches
  • Quickly resolve hang up and accidental dials

Real-Time View of 9-1-1 Reports with Call Traffic and Trends

  • Provides consolidated real-time map view of call traffic and supporting data
  • Supervisors can easily support overloaded call takers
  • Integrated views of Smart911, Rave Facility, and Rave Panic Button information

The Results

  • Improved community safety
  • Faster next generation 911 emergency response
  • Enhanced 911 reports

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