Rave 911 SuiteTM

Powerful Data and Communication Tools to Save Time and Lives

See How Rave 911 Suite Works


Rave 911 Suite provides 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first
responders powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching, and
responding to emergency calls more efficiently and effectively.


With Smart911®, community members provide key information including addresses, photos, medical conditions and much more.

Two Way Text Messaging
Call takers can initiate two-way text messaging with mobile phone callers.
Rave Facility
With Rave Facility™, facility managers provide critical facility information including floor plans, alarm information, utility shut-offs, AED locations, and much more.
Secure Notes
Call takers create and share secure notes for any phone number to provide important information about the caller.
e911 location
Improved e911 location tracking information as a supplement to existing ALI information.

Call takers can request a live video stream from on-site bystanders and first responders for improved situational awareness and better allocation of resources.


Additional caller data for faster, more effective response

Smart911 Safety Profiles help 9-1-1 call takers and first responders make faster and better decisions,
shorten response times, and save lives.

Anyone can create a Smart911 Safety Profile for free at Smart911.com or on the Smart911 mobile app. They can include phone numbers, home and work addresses, family member information, photos, medical conditions,
disabilities, even pet information.


When a 9-1-1 call is received, if the telephone number (ANI) is in the national Smart911 database, the Safety Profile instantly displays to the call taker, containing critical information to the response, such as hearing impaired, domestic violence risk, lethal allergy, and others.


Smart911 has been credited with positively impacting emergency situations across the U.S., including a missing child case in Arkansas, and saving lives, such as a heart attack victim in Nashville and a stroke victim in Virginia.

Tim Smith


Tim Smith

“Rave’s capabilities have revolutionized our response process. The Chat feature alone is lifesaving in all situations in which the caller is unable to speak.”

Greater Insight with Live Video Streaming

Put control into the hands of public safety officials with on-scene, real-time visibility.

Call Taker Initiated 2-Way Texting

Reduce unresolved cases and unnecessary dispatches
with 2-way SMS communication.

Secure, Critical Facility Information

Speeds response and improves collaboration
between first responders and facility personnel

Rave Facility

A Rave Facility profile displays automatically when the caller’s landline ANI matches a registered telephone number in the account, or when the Phase II wireless location in the ALI overlaps the geo-fenced footprint of an account. Call takers and first responders can also search for a facility if information is needed during an incident without a 9-1-1 call such as a business check, suspect search or fire.

Rave Facility

Rave Facility has improved the speed and efficiency of emergency response by providing evacuation routes and hydrant locations during a fire, AED locations during a medical emergency, and floor plans in the event of an active shooter.

Leah Hornacek


Leah Hornacek

“We proudly advocate for the Rave Platform because it results in a faster and more efficient response that has saved lives in our community.”

Secure and Useful Caller Notes

Create, annotate, and share secure notes for any
phone number to provide additional information.

Secure and Useful Caller Notes

Greater Community Engagement With the Smart911 App

An easier way for residents to receive alerts and update their Smart911 Safety Profile.



More Accurate Indoor Caller Location
More Accurate Indoor Caller Location

Rave 911 Suite’s enhanced location data gives 9-1-1 call takers improved, consolidated location information and refines mobile ALI locations into a single view. We collect location data from multiple sources to give call takers the most accurate available:

  • Mobile ALI – the primary source of 9-1-1 location data.
  • Smart911 Safety Profile – work and home addresses
    provided by individuals.
  • RapidSOS Clearinghouse – highly accurate using best
    available smartphone technology including GPS, Wi-Fi, and
  • Rave Facility – geo-fenced location data including
    detailed floor plans, entry/exits address, and more.
Real-Time Situational Awareness
Real-Time Situational Awareness

The Rave First Responder View gives first responders access to the rich flow of Rave 911 Suite information that improves situational awareness. Safety profiles can provide details such as location, presence of large dogs, mental illness, medical issues and others. Facility Profiles provide layout, hazardous material locations, key building contacts, and more.

First responders view and interact with the Rave 911 Suite using a web-browser on any Internet-enabled device. It is optimized for devices with small screens, such as smart phones or tablets. To access the Rave First Responder View users log in to a secure, password protected website and enter a ticket number or click on a unique hyperlink sent by a PSAP. Users can only view open tickets or sessions created by the PSAPs they are associated with.

Management Data and Tools
Management Data and Tools

Rave Admin View gives PSAP administrators and management access to product controls and usage and activity reports. These include:

  • Report Dashboard – summary of key metrics for Rave 911
    Suite including; Safety Profile activity, Chat usage, Notes
    activity, and Facility Profile activity, and Total Smart911
    registration counts.
  • Subscriber Activity Reports – how many subscribers and
    facilities enrolled profiles in a given date range. You can
    generate these reports based on PSAP and zip code.
  • Rave Analytics – gives 9-1-1 directors and supervisors easy,
    anytime web-based access to map-based call data and
    analytics. It helps visualize 9-1-1 call data captured by the
    Rave 911 Client for all 9-1-1 calls answered by your PSAP,
    enabling better informed staffing and funding decisions.
    Standard reports include: call data by mobile, by location,
    per day, shift, hour and workstation.
Easy Installation and Set Up
Easy Installation and Set Up

There are three parts to the Rave 911 Suite:

  • Rave 911 Server – locally installed server which listens to the
    ALI spill from the call taking equipment, queries the Rave
    national database and sends results to the Rave 911 Client.
  • Rave 911 Client – small footprint file installed on a CAD or
    Admin workstation. Rave 911 Client interacts with the Rave
    911 Server to provide call takers or dispatchers additional
    data via a pop-up web browser.
  • Rave Command View and Admin View – web-based
    applications provide a real-time common operating picture,
    administrative controls, and reports to PSAP administrative
    and supervisory personnel.

SAFETY Act Certified by the
Department of Homeland Security

Safety Act Trans

The United States Department of Homeland Security
(DHS) has certified Rave Alert, the Rave 911 Suite, and
Rave Panic Button under the SAFETY Act (Support
Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology).