The Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time

Smart911 is an emergency communication and additional data platform that has proven to help save lives and improve responder safety. It helps 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers make faster and better decisions, shortens response times, and helps save lives. The platform consists of several configurable modules which are quickly and easily deployed on any 9-1-1 system.

Smart911 Safety Profile

Citizens sign up for free at and enter information into a national database that they want 9-1-1 to receive in case of an emergency. Information can include family member data, photos, medical conditions, disabilities, mobility limitations, exact addresses, even pets.
Data is validated against user’s phone number(s) and citizen provided data is kept fresh through a patented aging process. When a person calls 9-1-1, their data automatically displays on the 9-1-1 call taker’s workstation, providing additional information that helps dispatch the best response to the right location.

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Facility owners and building manager input and manage information on their buildings and campuses at Information includes floor plans, emergency contacts, alarm information, AEDs, keyholder data and other information useful to responders.


The data is available automatically with a 9-1-1 call or is searchable outside a 9-1-1 call by authorized agency users. The effective cloud-based management and presentation of the premises information speeds responses, enhances responder safety, and reduces the cost and overhead of maintaining the data.

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Utilizing proven location technologies already native to most smartphones, Smart911Location operates on the Smart911 public safety platform, and seamlessly integrates into existing procedures, enabling any 9-1-1 center to receive the same location information used by leading commercial navigation and consumer apps.


Location information is streamed from the phone directly to the call taker desktop, greatly improving location accuracy, indoors and outdoors, and eliminating the need for rebids. Additionally, call takers can also locate caller family members who have given the proper permissions.

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Smart911Connect enables PSAPs to aggregate and automatically securely deliver additional caller data to telecommunicators from approved third party sources. We remove the complexity of integrating additional data sources into your operations.


Behind the scenes, Smart911Connect includes not only the application programming interfaces (APIs) necessary to enable this data aggregation and delivery, but also the operational processes, audit trails, reporting, and human machine interfaces to ensure the data is seamlessly integrated into the call taking and dispatching process. Smart911Connect works in both E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 environments.

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Using our robust, high throughput SMS capabilities, PSAPs can communicate over 2-way SMS with callers or responders. Text when callers are non-verbal, hang up, there is poor coverage, or when calls are dropped, greatly reducing the number of unresolved cases. Multi-chat allows call takers to efficiently handle multiple calls at once. All conversations securely stored for audit purposes.


Secure, shared notes can be created, annotated and displayed for every caller. Based on the caller’s ANI, the notes provide visibility into prank callers, NSI phones that have been issued to domestic violence victims or the elderly, frequent fliers, transfer history, dropped calls, and misrouted calls along PSAP boundaries. The ability to append notes to a call that are viewable across PSAPs enables efficient collaboration across jurisdictions for a specific incident or caller.

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Accurate data with no maintenance overhead – Citizens provide and self-manage the data. Phones are validated to ensure data integrity. Automatic reminders are sent every 6 months. Rave provides support to citizen inquiries.

Compatibility – Works with traditional 9-1-1 infrastructures and NG9-1-1 IP-based systems. Hundreds of successful implementations in every call taking environment across numerous CAD and call taking system combinations. We are ready with flexible deployment options to meet your specific operational requirements.

Supplements traditional data – Smart911 profiles give supplemental ALI information associated with all phone types – landline, mobile, and VoIP.

Implementation timeline – Deployments are typically done remotely, require minimal technical on-site support, and can be completed in hours.

Security and reliability – Secure, hosted, geographically redundant architecture, meeting the highest security standards.

Improves Responder Safety, Effectiveness, and Helps Save Lives

Police – Premise details, history of domestic violence, vehicle descriptions, large dogs on site, photos of children who have gone missing or elderly residents prone to wandering.

EMS – Gate and access codes, allergies, medical conditions, medications and treatment assets, emergency contacts, special transport needs.

Fire – Property layout, number of people in household, disabilities and/or mobility limitations, hazardous materials, utility shut-off locations, access instructions.