What is a Text Alert System for Business?

New call-to-actionA text alert system for business is an effective tool for warning employees and other contacts of the risk of danger during an emergency situation. It can advise them when an emergency situation starts, keep them informed as the situation develops, and provide the all-clear once the emergency is over.

Furthermore, during the emergency, a text alert system for business can act as a communication channel between key personnel, be a point of contact for employees in need of assistance, and be a credible source of information for families of employees involved in the situation.

In addition to its emergency role, a text alert system for business can be used as a communication tool in non-emergency situations. For example:

  •  It can advise employees of office closures due to power failures or adverse weather conditions.
  •  It can be used as a news channel to inform employees of corporate events and achievements.
  •  It can notify employees of vacancies within the business and opportunities for promotion.
  • A text alert system for business improves an employer´s duty of care posture and, in non-emergency situations, improves corporate communication. Hopefully, most businesses will not have to use the system in its emergency role, but it is always better to be prepared than to regret not having an effective channel of communication when the worst happens.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Text Alert

During the current coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, one of the most effective actions a business can take to prevent the spread of the disease throughout its workforce is to quickly notify all employees when anyone with whom they may have come into contact is diagnosed with the virus. This will enable employees to quickly identify whether or not they are at risk of having contracted the virus and take appropriate action.

The speed at which notifications are sent can have an impact on how quickly the virus is contained - and how effectively its consequences are mitigated - and therefore it is in businesses´ best interests to implement a coronavirus COVID-19 text alert system preloaded with notification templates that communicate short form notifications by SMS and provide further information about coronavirus COVID-19 by email.

Coronavirus COVID-19 text alert systems such as Rave Alert support two-way communication, which not only enables employees to raise concerns about rumors they may of heard, but also enables businesses to keep in touch with employees in quarantine - or working from home - when internal emails or other communication systems are inaccessible to employees. In this respect, a coronavirus COVID-19 text alert system such as Rave Alert not only helps protect employees, but also supports business continuity.

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The Rave Alert Emergency Text Alert System for Business

Rave Alert is a web-based emergency text alert system for business; which, although primarily a system for sending text alerts, is not text-exclusive. Rave Alert can warn employees and other contacts of danger via email, voice broadcast, RSS, CAP, Alertus and social media portals, and the platform can be integrated with digital signage system. SMS text should always be included in the output channel in times of emergency due to the broad reach and immediacy of SMS texting.

The platform is simple to use because, when an emergency occurs, any delays in sending an alert could cost lives. However, in addition to providing extensive training on the emergency text alert system for business, Rave Mobile Safety recommends businesses use the platform for internal communications as well as alerts to ensure administrators are familiar with its use and employees are accustomed to receiving corporate communications on the personal mobile devices.

It is also recommended businesses create emergency templates both in short form for SMS texts and in long form for emails. Then, when an emergency occurs, the system administrators can quickly log into the platform, select the pre-composed template, and for it to be sent by both SMS text and email. Then, when an employee receives the alert on their mobile device, if they are unsure about how to react, they will be able to find further information on an email.

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Populating the Rave Alert Emergency Alert System for Businesses

Populating the Rave Alert emergency alert system for businesses could not be any simpler. The platform copies contact data from an existing database (i.e. an HR database) and frequently synchronizes with the database to prevent the contact data going out of date. Businesses subscribing to Rave Alert are also provided with a company-branded web portal through which employees can add additional contact details - both for them and for any family or friends they wish to be notified during an emergency.

Our emergency alert system for business also has an opt-in/opt-out facility for visiting business associates, contractors, and agency workers. The facility works like a retail text marketing solution inasmuch as non-employees text a keyword (i.e. “Alert”) to a short code number (i.e. “123456”) to be added to the Rave Alert database. Keywords can be set up to automatically expire after a day, week, or month, or the non-employee can opt out manually by texting “Stop” to the short code number.

Once populated, the Rave Alert database can be segmented into an unlimited number of groups and sub-groups. This can be useful for when an incident affects only one area of the business´s premises, or when system administrators need to contact employers who are medically trained. It can also be a means of maintaining a dedicated communications channel during an emergency in order that key personnel can liaise with each other to efficiently execute the business´s Emergency Preparedness Plan. 

The Benefits of the Business Alert System Geo-Poll Feature

The geo-poll is a feature of Rave Alert´s business alert system that enables system administrators to contact groups of people within a specific geographical area in a question and answer format. The administrator sends the geo-poll to the selected recipients in the same manner as an emergency text alert, and the recipients answer the question by following a link to a web page, or by pressing keys on their mobile devices.

There are a number of different ways in which the geo-poll facility can enhance employee safety or help business recover from the emergency. For example, following an incident, the administrator could send a geo-poll to employees in the affected area asking if they were safe. Those that answered affirmatively could be eliminated from search and rescue efforts, and resources dedicated to helping those who replied they were in trouble or who did not reply at all.

When a business is trying to recover from an incident, a geo-poll can be sent to the workforce to find out who is available to work additional shifts. The poll automatically closes once the required number of employees have agreed to work extra hours; and, because of the unlimited database segmentation discussed above, different polls can be sent to different groups of employees to account for their different roles and abilities in covering the additional shifts. 

Using the Employee Alert System for Non-Emergency Communications

It was mentioned earlier that a text alert system for business can be used as a communication tool in non-emergency situations and that we strongly recommended using our employee alert system for internal communications in order to familiarize administrators with using the platform and so employees are accustomed to receiving corporate communication on their personal devices.

It doesn't have to be as formal as described above because different groups within the database can have different group administrators, and that leads to the possibility of setting up social groups within the Rave Alert database for sports fans, keep-fit fanatics, and other special interest groups. Rave Alert supports unlimited free internal communications, so the use of the employee alert system could be a cost-saving measure for existing groups within the workforce.

Using the employee alert system for non-emergency communications has been shown to increase engagement and emergency awareness. It makes employees more conscious of their safety and more accepting of emergency planning measures. While the difference is difficult to quantify exactly, what is certain is that Rave Alert can save time in communicating the right message to the right people at the right time - mitigating the likelihood of serious or fatal injury.

Find Out More about Our Employee Notification System

The Rave Alert text alert system for business has multiple uses in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios. To see how our employee notification system could better help your business prepare for an emergency and enhance your corporate communications, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with our team of business safety experts.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and arrange a free demo of Rave Alert to better explain how features such as database segmentation and geo-polling work. You will also be invited to take advantage of a free trial to evaluate the benefits of our employee notification system in your own environment. Contact us today to find out more.