What is a Text Alert System for Business?

A text alert system for business is an effective tool for warning employees and other contacts of the risk of danger during an emergency situation. It can advise them when an emergency situation starts, keep them informed as the situation develops, and provide the all-clear once the emergency is over.

Furthermore, during the emergency, a text alert system for business can act as a communication channel between key personnel, be a point of contact for employees in need of assistance, and be a credible source of information for families of employees involved in the situation.

In addition to its emergency role, a text alert system for business can be used as a communication tool in non-emergency situations. For example:

–  It can advise employees of office closures due to power failures or adverse weather conditions.

–  It can be used as a news channel to inform employees of corporate events and achievements.

–  It can notify employees of vacancies within the business and opportunities for promotion.

A text alert system for business improves an employer´s duty of care posture and, in non-emergency situations, improves corporate communication. Hopefully, most businesses will not have to use the system for its emergency role, but it is always better to be prepared than to regret not having an effective channel of communication when the worst happens.

The Rave Alert Text Alert System for Business

Rave Alert is a web-based text alert system for business from Rave Mobile Safety. Although a primarily a system for sending text alerts, Rave Alert is not confined to SMS communications, and can warn employees and other contacts of danger via email, voice broadcast, RSS, CAP, Alertus and social media portals. SMS text is recommended in times of emergency due to its broad reach and immediacy.

The platform is simple to use because, when an emergency occurs, any delays in sending an alert could cost lives. So, in order to send an alert, administrators log into the platform, compose the message, select which channels of communication it is to be dispatched with, and click send. Within minutes, the message will be received by the business’s employees wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

As it is a web-based platform, administrators can provide updates, reply to incoming messages and provide an all-clear from any Internet-connected device. This means that administrators do not have to place themselves in danger in order to keep employees and other contacts informed with what is going on, maintain communication with key personnel, and respond to requests for assistance.


Populating and Editing a Rave Alert Database

In order for a text alert system for business to be completely effective, every employee and contact that might need to be informed of an emergency should be included in the business´s Rave Alert database. The simplest way of populating a Rave Alert by integrating the text alert system for business with an existing corporate HR database. Contact details can then be automatically synchronized when an employee joins or leaves the business, or if their cellphone number changes.

Rave Alert also provides the opportunity for contacts who may not be included on an HR database to opt into the text alert system for business. In order to use the opt-in facility, contacts and family members should text a keyword to a dedicated short code number provided by Rave Mobile Safety. When a contact no longer wishes to be included in the business´s database, there is a simple opt out facility, the same as is available on any commercial texting service.

Rave Mobile Safety also provides the business with a branded web portal. Through the portal, employees and contacts can set their preferences for the channels of communication they wish to be contacted by, request that alerts are sent in a different language (the platform auto-translates messages when this option is activated), and add information about themselves that may be important for first responders to know when attending an emergency – for example if they have limited mobility.

Group Messaging for Effective Corporate Communications

As it is not always necessary to send every employee every alert, a business´s database can be sorted into groups. If, for example, a business had operations in California, Colorado and Connecticut – and a fire broke out in its premises in California – there would only be the need to warn employees of the risk of danger in that location. Indeed, it can be useful to sub-divide databases into smaller units for more effective corporate communications.

A further example of how group messaging is advantageous in a corporate environment would be if the text alert system for business was being used as suggested above to notify employees of vacancies within the business and opportunities for promotion. If a vacancy existed in the IT department, but required specific IT skills were required to fulfill the role, it would be appropriate to distribute the vacancy notification only among IT professionals and not the entire Rave Alert database.

Request a Demo of Rave Alert in Action

The Rave Alert text alert system for business has multiple uses in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios. To see how it could better help your business prepare for an emergency and enhance your corporate communications, you are invited to contact us and discuss your requirements with our team of technical experts.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and arrange a free demo of Rave Alert for you to see how our text alert system for business could meet your specific requirements. By requesting a free demo, you are under no obligation to commit to using our service. The demo simply provides you with the opportunity to witness the versatility of Rave Alert and its many uses in addition to warning employees and other contacts of the risk of danger.