Corporate Safety Solutions

Corporate Safety: Protect Your People and Business

Our Critical Communication Platform lets you communicate effectively in all situations.  Notify your entire company, message within departments, and keep individual employees connected – all through a unified platform.

Global Corporate Notifications

Corporate Safety through Emergency NotificationRespond and react faster to emergencies of all sizes. Rave Alert lets you segment your messaging based on location, job title, responsibility, or any way you choose.

Personal Corporate Safety App

Corporate Safety through and Individual safety app

Transform mobile phones into personal safety devices with Rave Guardian. It enhances employee safety with a 9-1-1 panic button and by connecting your employees to a virtual safety network of colleagues, family, and corporate security.

Fast Coordinated Local Response

Corporate Safety with localized reaction and responseImprove employee safety in any emergency with Rave Panic Button. It provides 9-1-1, first responders, and on-site personnel immediate notification and situational information they need to respond quickly.