Employees receive more communications than ever before and are distributed more widely across the globe.


28% of an average worker’s
day is spent reading and
answering emails

115% increase in
telecommuting workers has
occurred in the past decade

75% of individuals who
experience workplace
harassment never report it

How do you...

Rise above the chatter and get the attention of your colleagues
Rise above the chatter and
get the attention of your
Reduce communications fatigue with targeted messages
Reduce communications
fatigue with targeted
Leverage mobile phones to enhance employee engagement
Leverage mobile
phones to enhance
employee engagement

All of Your Critical Communications. One Platform.


Break Through the Clutter

Break Through the Clutter
Email, IT ticketing systems, team collaboration software, messaging apps, and social media are a few of the ways your employees communicate. When you need a message to get noticed, you can’t rely on typical channels.
Break Through the Clutter
Instead, you can send time-sensitive communications with 2 clicks across voice, text, email, digital signage, website, social media, sirens and much more.
Break Through the Clutter

Know when your message is delivered with real-time updates and robust “by recipient” reports.

Connect with Remote
Employees During
Critical Events

The number of remote employees, lone workers, and traveling employees is
drastically increasing. As the workforce becomes more mobile, employees
need to be informed and safe, no matter where they might be.

Send wellness checks to lone employees in the field or those traveling in a
dangerous region and easily communicate with 2-way messaging and polls.

Receive Actionable Feedback
from Employees

Despite being the eyes and ears of your organization, your staff
might be hesitant to report incidents or personnel issues.

You can tap into your organization by empowering them to discreetly
submit anonymous tips through a mobile app. The See Something,
Say Something technology increases engagement and prevents staff
from withholding timely, critical information.

When a tip or employee check-in is received, Corporate Security or key
personnel can respond with a message to gather more information, if needed.

There’s a man I don’t recognize on the 3rd floor by the servers.

What does he look like?

He had brown hair and a red shirt.

Thank you. We are sending someone now.

“Every corporation that cares about the preparedness and safety of their employees should be utilizing Rave’s products now.They are the most effective I’ve encountered.”

Resolve Business Disruptions Faster

Communicating during business disruptions slows down the resolution of any incidents putting your business at risk.

Communicate intelligently with the widest range of technologies to extend the reach of your notifications and data synchronization across systems.

Proactively Communicate with Employees

Proactively Communicate with Employees

Employees expect their organization to proactively provide immediate direction on weather closings, emergency threats, and significant business disruptions.

You can easily meet employee expectations with targeted messages segmenting by department, location, or any criteria you choose.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Keep Your Employees Safe

Through wellness checks, geo-targeted notifications, anonymous tips, and panic button notifications, safety and security teams or key personnel can implement the latest technologies to communicate with employees in real-time and ensure a faster incident response.

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