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Employees and manager working on computers

Keeping your business running means communicating with your employees when it matters most. Maximize employee safety and minimize operational disruptions with a critical communication and collaboration platform.

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Employees and manager working on computers

A solutions partner that is easy to use and quick to deploy.


Instant Notifications

Communicate quickly, effectively and regularly with your organization either by sending mass notifications or targeted messages to specific groups or people.


Health Monitoring

Surface critical data to monitor the health of your employees, customers or visitors on a regular basis to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.


Employee Engagement & Safety

Provide informational resources for employees whether in the office or at home and an outlet to confidentially share concerns.

Keep Your Company Informed, Actionable and Safe.

With Rave, you are both collecting and sharing critical information across your employee base. The right communications are sent to the right people at the right time making employees feel both informed and empowered to keep operations running smoothly. Finding the right technology solutions partner to help employees feel supported is more important than ever. Trust Rave to help you do all you can today for your company.


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Helping You To Succeed In Your Role

Human Resource Professional

Need to conduct ongoing wellness checks? Provide updated resources and information to employees on critical events such as how to return back to the office at limited occupancy or changes to your employee handbook.

Business/Building Operations Professional

Dealing with unexpected weather closures? Make sure your supply chain is not disrupted by automatically filling shifts or notifying employees of cancellations or changes.

Safety & Security Professional

Worried about disgruntled employees or active assailants? Easily share new evacuation plans or emergency drills through multiple communication modes, including a personal safety app.

IT Professional

Worried about power or system outages? Keep employees informed of cyberattacks or phishing scams and provide best practices from a trusted and reliable communication source.

There is a concept called 'alarm fatigue' that is impacting the world — we have to find simplistic notifications that we can pay attention to, understand and know how to respond to.

Don Aviv
Interfor International

Being able to communicate with employees with some type of system that’s generally cell-based is really at the forefront ...Rave Mobile Safety and mass notification play a critical role in notifying people about an event.



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