Resident-Sourced Data

Collect data such as age, location and preexisting conditions for analysis, planning, and emergency response and set up SMS keywords to easily collect responses.

Unlimited Targeted Messages

Provide access to unlimited administrators to send targeted, actionable messages to individuals based on needs or location.

Two-Way Communication

Leverage resident-targeted polls in your alerts to gather information during an event and adjust ongoing incident management.

Accurate, Resident-Provided Data on Interactive Maps

With Rave Prepare, residents submit medical information and access or functional needs through an online portal for emergency planning, response and recovery. During a disaster or catastrophic event such as the Coronavirus pandemic, emergency managers can easily identify residents in need of assistance, communicate with them, and assign the appropriate resources to send help.

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Rave Prepare Features

Crowdsourced National Online Database

Rave Prepare leverages Smart911, a national database of community member data, to connect with 9-1-1 centers and provide critical information to first responders and emergency managers. Individuals can opt-in to provide Smart911 information through an online portal and because the database is national in scope, it helps help facilitate interoperability on the local, regional, and national levels.

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Targeted Two-Way Communications

Send targeted alerts based on needs and location. When an emergency event occurs, use interactive maps to target your audience by geography and special need. For example, you could send a poll question by text, email, and voice to your at-risk segment to determine their need and ask for a response.


Benefits of Rave Prepare

Rave Prepare provides an interactive web-based map interface that allows emergency managers to create queries by demographics or location to single out any group or segment in need of assistance.

Rave Prepare enables you to plan ahead and proactively respond to disasters and other emergencies, including power outages, transportation interruptions, evacuations, community health crises, pandemics and shelter resource planning.

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Data privacy and security

Rave Prepare provides key features to ensure data privacy and protects both individuals and agencies collecting personal data as part of an access and functional needs registry. All data is stored in top tier, geo-redundant hosting facilities, with the same encryption and security utilized by leading financial institutions and federal agencies.


Unlimited Administrators

When combining Rave Prepare with Rave Alert, the mass notification system, unlimited administrators across departments can leverage internal and external notifications for personnel updates like shift call outs, office closings, weather notifications, and more.


Robust Reporting and Community Health Snapshot

Information is stored in secure geo-redundant data centers for anytime, easy-to-use access, analysis and planning. Capture activity with a daily report of engagement in Smart911 profiles and send reminder emails to track the progress of an emergency crisis or event in the community. This powerful reporting tool gives emergency managers at the local, regional, and national level the data and analytics needed to drive strategic planning and resource allocation decisions.

Rave Prepare In Action

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Rave Coronavirus Response Solutions

Monitor and quickly communicate changes to your community about the ongoing coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rave’s database and interactive maps help our dispatchers easily and rapidly identify, communicate, and proactively assist those who most need our help.


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