The Rave Panic Button for Corporate Safety

The Rave Panic button for corporate safety helps businesses better protect employees in emergency situations by providing a means by which employees can call 9-1-1 with a press of a button on their smartphones screens. However, rather than being than being an app that performs one task, the Rave Panic button for corporate safety performs multiple functions that accelerate first response times and provide a higher level of situational awareness during an incident.

Key to the app's effectiveness is a choice of emergency services to call. Rather than having a single emergency button to press, employees can select from notifying 9-1-1 of a fire, a medical emergency, or an active shooter or other emergency that requires police intervention. There is also a “staff assist” option to summon help from onsite security or medical personnel if an incident can be managed without the assistance of the emergency services.

The Benefit of Providing a Choice of Emergency Services

The benefit of providing employees with a choice of emergency services is that the right service can be dispatched at once without the need for a 9-1-1 call dispatcher to inquire further. The 9-1-1 call dispatcher knows immediately who summoned help, where the emergency is located, and what type of service is required. With the Rave Panic button for corporate safety, the dispatcher will also have details of the best access routes to the emergency and floor plans of the building in which the incident is occurring.

The amount of time this information saves in dispatching the right service(s) to the right location - and ensuring first responders have the quickest access route available - can save lives.

  • In the event of a fire, the faster firefighters arrive - and the better information they have on arrival - the higher the chance of the fire being contained.
  • In the event of a medical emergency, survival rates decrease by 10% for every fifteen minutes that pass without CPR being administered.
  • In the event of an active shooter at a workplace, the attacker has a smaller window to kill and inflict injury.

At the same time as a call is made to 9-1-1, onsite security and medical personnel are alerted to the incident. Wherever possible, onsite personnel can initiate evacuation procedures, apply first aid, or ensure a clear path exists from the best access point to the business´s premises and the location of the incident. The connection between 911 and onsite personnel can also help better protect employees during an emergency situation by improving situational awareness during the emergency incident.

Find Out More about the Rave Panic Button for Corporate Safety

If you have a responsibility for the safety of employees, speak with us about the Rave Panic button for corporate safety. Our team of technical experts will want to know your current safety strategies and any unique challenges that exist in your business. Thereafter we will tailor a demonstration of the Rave Panic button for corporate safety to match your requirements.

Our team will also be able to advise about corporate emergency planning. This is essential if your business is not already using an app-based alert system. Members of staff need to know how to act in an emergency and use the Rave Panic button for corporate safety under stressful circumstances. This area of planning is just as important as providing the information 911 call dispatchers will rely on to dispatch the correct emergency service without delay.

Naturally you will be in a better position to determine what training is required once you have witnessed the Rave Panic button for corporate safety in action. So, contact us today with any questions you have about our system and to organize your free demonstration.

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