Mass Notification for Companies

Evaluating systems of mass notification for companies can require careful thought. Whereas there are many good vendors providing a mass notification service for companies, there are relatively few “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Furthermore, depending on the motive for implementing a system of mass notification for companies, some solutions can be relatively inflexible.

These were the thoughts in our minds when we developed Rave Alert – a feature-rich mass notification service for companies that uses multiple channels of communication to maximize the reach of the notification service, and has the flexibility companies need to enhance their corporate communication strategies and encourage employee engagement.

Naturally, as the primary purpose of mass notification for companies is to quickly warn employees of the risk of danger, the Rave Alert has been designed with ease of use as a priority. Any mass notification software for companies that is complicated to understand and operate can delay the receipt of important messages and potentially cost lives.

Using our Mass Notification Service for Companies in an Emergency

Our mass notification service for companies works via a web-based platform. Whenever a system managers wants to send a message, they log into the platform, compose their message (or use an existing template), select who is to receive the message and the channel(s) of communication the message is to be sent through, and click send.

In an emergency situation, the process is accelerated by selecting “All” to receive the message and “All” channels of communication. This means that everybody within the company´s database will be sent the emergency alert by whatever contact details have been entered for them. These include voice broadcasts, SMS text, email, social media, CAP, RSS and Alertus.

Being web-based, system managers can access the service from any Internet-connected device and send updates during an emergency to improve situational awareness and incident management. Rave Alert also supports two-way communication – enabling employees in need of help to request assistance or provide valuable information to first responders and other emergency personnel.


Other Uses for Mass Notification for Companies

When it comes to enhancing a corporate communication strategy and encouraging employee engagement, Rave Alert is hard to beat. Our mass notification service for companies can be used to warn employees of adverse weather that might make their commute to work more difficult, advertise job vacancies within the business or announce forthcoming social events.

The employee notification database can be divided into a limitless number of groups to account for employees´ roles, location or special interests. It is possible for employees to choose which groups they belong to and how they receive specific types of message via a company-branded web portal, where they can also request message in a different language if English is not their native tongue.

Via the company-branded web portal, employees can also add information about themselves that may be important in the event of an emergency. For example, any employee with mobility issues, preexisting health problems or special needs can make a note of their condition so this information can be relayed to first responders attending the scene.

Populating Our Mass Notification Software for Companies

One major difference between Rave Alert and other vendors providing a mass notification service for companies is that our mass notification software provides two different ways for populating a company´s notification database. Rave Alert can either be integrated with an existing HR database, or employees can opt-in to the notification service by texting a keyword to a short code number.

Although integrating Rave Alert into an existing database is a quick way of populating our mass notification software for companies – allowing the two databases to synchronize employee details – the SMS opt-in process makes for easier management. Different keywords can be assigned to different groups, and employees allocated into those groups when they opt in.

For example, an employee could wish to be informed of weather alerts and job vacancies. He or she could text “weather” and “vacancy” to the service´s short code number and receive notifications whenever there is adverse weather or a job vacancy. Mechanisms exist to prevent the employee receiving multiple messages via the same channel of communication when an “All” message is sent.

Find Out More about Mass Notification for Companies

Mass Notification for companies enhances an employer´s duty of care posture and, when used for non-emergency communications, can encourage employee engagement. Ideally, companies will not have to use the service for emergency purposes, but it is better to be prepared for an emergency than to lack an effective means of communicating with employees when the worst happens.

If you would like to find out more about mass notification for companies, and how our mass notification software for companies can help enhance your corporate communication strategy, you are invited to contact us and request a demonstration of Rave Alert in action in order to see its ease-of-use and flexibility, and evaluate our mass notification service for companies.

Prior to the demonstration our team will ask you a few questions about your motives for implementing mass notification for companies so we can tailor the demonstration to your specific circumstances. You are welcome to ask any questions of your own before, during or after the demonstration to ensure you are completely confident with how Rave Alert works and the benefits you can obtain from our mass notification software for companies.