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Manufacturing facility with people walking by

Keeping your employees safe and informed to minimize disruptions.
Inform, engage and communicate during emergency and non-emergency situations to ensure operations are running efficiently.

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Manufacturing facility with people walking by

Connect with your staff anytime, anywhere.

Connect with Staff Everywhere

Quickly Share Information

Customize and share content with employees to provide the resources and information they need to stay safe and efficient.


Protect Your Workforce

Keep your organization informed of outages, weather delays, facility closures or emergency plan activations via an employee safety app, two-way messaging and an incident management dashboard.


Fulfill Shift Needs

Manage and check in with employees to cover shifts or gather individual information from those who may not be able to come into work.

Keep your operations running smoothly.

Your facility encounters various challenges, both internally and externally, from emergency situations like the coronavirus to day-to-day operations issues like a chemical spill or power outage.

Sending a message quickly and accurately to the right people in a matter of seconds can cut down on operational deficiencies or employee confusion so that staff can always know exactly what they need to do, where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Notifying employees of what is happening from weather delays and closures to filling last-minute callouts or in-facility activities will effectively keep your employees and organization happy and efficient.


Corporate Security

Establish a safe and secure working environment to overcome employee frustration or technology obstacles to optimize your manufacturing workflow.


Operations/Plant Management

Satisfy the wants and needs of employees with instant notifications while running an efficient operation around shift times and changes and other non-emergent situations like outages, spills or weather.


Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Connect With Staff at Anytime

A mass notification system integrated with an employee safety app allows you to communicate with your personnel whether they’re on-site or working on a remote project. Notifications can be sent out simultaneously through text, desktop alerts, sirens and more, all in three clicks from a single launch point.

Case Study: Corporate Resiliency


Empower and Protect Your Staff 

Manufacturing organizations need to be ready for any kind of adverse event — a power outage, a chemical spill or a violent incident. With an employee safety app, staff can engage directly with designated departments, such as security or human resources. Anonymous tip technology increases engagement and encourages them to share timely, critical information, so your organization has better situational awareness.


Save Time and Money on Staffing

Avoid the manual, time-consuming process of filling shifts through an automated polling module in your mass notification system. Administrators could fill a staffing shortage or shift change within minutes by sending out a quota poll through text, email and voice calls. Your supervisors would be able to organize this information into reports to make informed decisions about shift management.


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By pushing for a more efficient way to locate employees throughout a catastrophe, [we were] better able to perform hurricane employee wellness checks...

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Don’t limit yourself to what Rave can be used for. It’s so simple and so easy to use. It’s been more efficient and effective for getting info out very quickly to the people who need it.
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