Enterprise Emergency Notification

In the event of an emergency situation, an enterprise emergency notification service should be able to reach the maximum number of people in the minimum amount of time to enhance employee safety. Not all notification services do this – some relying solely on SMS text messages and ignoring the fact that many enterprises have policies requiring employees to turn off or silence their mobile devices.

Rave Alert´s enterprise emergency notification service is different. It uses multiple channels of communication to advise employees of the risk of danger, maximizing the reach of the service by sending alerts via voice broadcast, email, RSS, CAP, Alertus, social media and – of course – SMS text message. It would be very unusual for a Rave Alert message not to reach its intended targets.

Furthermore, Rave Alert operates on web-based SaaS enterprise emergency notification software. This allows system managers to access the service from any Internet-connected device in order to send updates during an emergency situation. This facility helps improve employee awareness and the corporate management of incidents without system managers placing themselves in danger.


Setting Up a Rave Alert Enterprise Emergency Notification Service

In order to set up the Rave Alert enterprise emergency notification service, a system manager is appointed by the enterprise to work with Rave Mobile Safety´s technology experts. An enterprise-branded web portal is created, through which managers can send emergency alerts and employees can update information about themselves that could be crucial in a time of emergency.

The enterprise emergency notification software is populated in one of two ways – either by integrating Rave Alert with an existing database, or by employees opting into the service by texting a keyword to a dedicated Rave Alert short code number (i.e. text “join” to 123456). Whichever option is used, the facility should be in place for employees to opt out of the service (i.e. by texting “stop” to 123456).

Once populated, the database can be divided into an unlimited number of groups. System managers may want to do this to distinguish employees by location, role or other attribute such as medical training. It may also be necessary to create a special group for employees with mobility issues or special needs that will need assistance in the event of an evacuation.

How to Use the Rave Alert Enterprise Emergency Notification Software

In the event of an emergency, system managers log into the Rave Alert platform, and write an emergency warning, or amend an existing template with details of the emergency. They then select the relevant groups to receive the message (if an enterprise operates in multiple locations it may not be necessary to advise all employees of the risk of danger) and select which channels of communication the warning is to be sent through (“All”) before clicking send to dispatch the message.

Rave Alert´s enterprise emergency notification software supports two-way communication, allowing employees to request further information about the alert or provide feedback about the severity of the emergency. The two-way communication facility also enables employees in need of help to request assistance. System managers can forward the requests for help to first responders or other emergency personnel in order to provide assistance as quickly as possible.

Rave Alert can also be used to enhance corporate communications in non-emergency situations. With the option to create as many groups and sub-groups as they wish, system managers can send out alerts to advise managers of cancelled meetings, inform employees of adverse weather conditions that may affect their commute to the office, or share corporate news. Temporary groups can be created to guide delegates around conferences, or to advertise job vacancies to graduates.

Request a Free Demo of Rave Alert to Find Out More

In addition to enhancing an enterprise´s duty of care posture, Rave Alert has multiple uses for improving corporate communication, employee engagement and compliance in regulated industries. Our enterprise emergency notification software has been purposefully designed to be easy to use, quick and effective – certainly more effective than services relying on one channel of communication.

To find out more about Rave Alert – how it can streamline critical communications and cut through the noise to reach your employees wherever they are, whatever they are doing – you are invited to contact us and request a free Demo of Rave Alert in action. Our team of technical experts will find out more about your current communications strategy before tailoring a demo to your specific requirements.

Ideally, our enterprise emergency notification service is a service you will never have to use in an emergency, but we believe it is always better to be prepared.