Emergency Text Notification for Business

New call-to-actionDue to the popularity of SMS text messaging, emergency text notification for business is the most effective way for a business to communicate the risk of danger to employees. However, because carriers limit the number of text messages that can be sent simultaneously, it is necessary for larger businesses to use a software solution in order to alert an entire workforce as quickly as possible.

There are various software solutions that provide a system of emergency text notification for business, but it can be beneficial to implement a solution that does not rely exclusively on SMS text messaging to send emergency notifications. Network outages during a natural disaster can prevent the delivery of SMS text messages, or employees working in a noisy environment may not hear them.

For these reasons - and because some employees silence their mobile phones during working hours - the most appropriate system of emergency text notification for business should have capabilities that send alerts through multiple channels of communication, and have the ability to be integrated into digital signage systems in order to overcome the issue of working in a noisy environment.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency Text Notification

During the current outbreak, coronavirus COVID-19 emergency text notification is the most efficient and discreet way to alert employees when a workplace colleague has been diagnosed with the virus. Using the system's geo-polling capability, employers can quickly work out who has been in contact with the infected colleague so containment actions can commence for those who make also have been infected. 

Thereafter, a coronavirus COVID-19 emergency text notification system can be used to keep in touch with employees who are working from home or self-isolating, and also to communicate with suppliers and business partners who may also be working remotely. In this respect, businesses using a text notification system are complying with the CDC's latest guidance for business response, which states:

“Establish a process to communicate information to employees and business partners on your infectious disease outbreak response plans and latest COVID-19 information. Anticipate employee fear, anxiety, rumors, and misinformation, and plan communications accordingly.”

In terms of alleviating employee fear, anxiety, rumors, and misinformation, coronavirus COVID-19 emergency text notification systems can be prepared in advance with templates reminding employees to follow coronavirus policies (i.e. handwashing, social distancing, etc.) and also to reassure them the business is doing everything possible to mitigate the threat of coronavirus COVID-19 in the workplace.

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The Rave Alert Emergency Text Alert System for Business

The Rave Alert emergency text alert system for business is a multi-channel emergency notification system that primarily uses SMS text messaging to alert employees to the risk of danger, but also uses voice broadcasts, CAP, email, RSS, Alertus, and social media to maximize the reach of the system. It can also be integrated with surveillance systems for increased situational awareness during an emergency.

Rather than complicate the emergency notification process, Rave Alert accelerates the process to improve incident management and minimize business disruption. The web-based emergency text alert system for business can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, so is suitable not just for warning employees of an emergency, but also for providing updates throughout an incident, and sending an all-clear once the risk of danger has passed.

The platform is easy to use and can be prepared prior to an emergency with alert templates - both in short form for SMS alerts, and in longer form for emails providing instructions to employees. The Rave Alert emergency text alert system for business also supports two-way communication so key personnel and emergency managers can liaise during an emergency, and so that employees on the ground can provide updates or seek assistance if they are in need of help.

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Segmentation Increases the Effectiveness of Text Alerts for Business

The Rave Alert system is populated by synchronizing the platform with an existing personnel database. Temporary workers, contractors, and visiting guests can also be added to the system via an SMS opt-in/opt-out process similar to that used by retailers for SMS marketing. Once the system is populated, the database can be segmented according to location, role, or other attribute so that when a system administrator sends an emergency notification, only those affected by the emergency receive the alert.

The segmentation of databases means that, rather than every employee receiving text alerts for business and evacuating the premises en masse, only those at risk of danger are notified. This function saves businesses time and money; and - more importantly - prevents evacuation bottlenecks which can exacerbate a situation, prevent emergency services reaching the source of the emergency, and potentially cause unnecessary injury and loss of life.

Segmentation also allows for dedicated channels to be established between emergency managers and key personnel in order to activate and execute Emergency Preparedness Plans with greater efficiency, and resolve the emergency as quickly as possible. Thereafter, as sections of the workplace are declared safe to re-enter, employees can be contacted stage by stage and asked to return to work. In this respect, database segmentation can minimize workplace disruption and help with business continuity.

Emergency Text Notification for Business with Geo-Polling

Geo-polling is a feature of our emergency text notification for business systems. It is a feature most often used to check on the safety of employees who have not opened emergency alerts (as recorded by the Rave Alert Command Center) or who are unaccounted for after an evacuation. The geo-polling feature works by an administrator sending a message to the unresponsive/unaccounted employees in the form of a question with a selection of answers to choose from. For example:

  • Q: Are you ok?
  • A1: Yes. I'm fine.
  • A2: No, I'm trapped in the building.
  • A3: No, I'm in need of medical assistance.

The employees answer the question via a link included in the message or via the keypads on their mobile devices. Positive responses enable emergency managers to eliminate safe employees from search and rescue efforts, while resources can be prioritized to help those trapped in the building, in need of medical assistance, or who fail to respond. The feature can also be used to increase situational awareness during an emergency, and help resolve it with a better outcome.

Once the emergency has been resolved, emergency text notification for business with geo-polling can be used to fill empty shifts or ask employees to work extra shifts in order to catch up on lost production. In this scenario, a system manager would send a poll with the number of available shifts asking employees to respond if they are able to fill them. Once the required number of shifts has been filled, the poll closes automatically to avoid the scenario of late responders calling in to see if shifts are still available.

Non-Emergency Corporate Text Messaging

In addition to providing an effective system of emergency text notification for business, Rave Alert can help enhance internal communications via corporate text messaging, emailing, and social media posts. Because of the platform´s versatility, businesses can choose which channel of communication they use for different types of messages, and control - via the database segmentation feature - who receives each communication. For example:

  • Corporate text messaging through the Rave Alert platform could be used to notify the group “Departmental Heads” of cancelled or rescheduled meetings.
  • Corporate email messaging through the Rave Alert platform could be used to notify the group “IT Personnel” of job vacancies and opportunities for promotion.
  • Corporate social media postings through the Rave Alert platform could be used to notify “All Employees” of corporate news or social events.

Alternatively, employees themselves can choose how they receive non-emergency messages. When a business implements Rave Alert, it is provided with a company-branded web portal. The web portal can be used by employees to select their preferred channels of communication for different types of messages and to add information about themselves that may be useful in an emergency. This information could include such things as limited mobility or medical training.

It is also possible to form sub-groups within groups with Rave Alert. So, if there was a number of Raiders fans within the “IT Personnel” group, a sub-group could be formed within the corporate text messaging platform to enable the fans to share news, views, and gossip about their favorite team. Mechanisms exist so that if an individual is a member of several groups or sub-groups, they are not sent multiple emergency notifications when an alert is sent to the “All Employees” group.

Your Questions Answered about Emergency SMS Notification

If you would like to know more about emergency SMS notification and text alerts for business, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with our corporate communications experts. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and, after learning more about the existing communication solutions used by your business, will arrange a demo of Rave Alert in action.

As there are so many possible emergency and non-emergency business uses for our platform, the demonstration will be tailored to your business's specific needs. The demonstration can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you and any other interested parties within your organization, and will give you the opportunity to think of more questions about emergency text notification for business.

Please note, by agreeing to a demo of Rave Alert, you are under no obligation to commit to our system for emergency text notification for business. Hopefully, ours will be a system you never have to use in an emergency, but – with so many features to enhance corporate text messaging and encourage employee engagement – there are many benefits of including Rave Alert in your Emergency Preparedness Plans.