Emergency Text Notification for Business

Due to the popularity of SMS text messaging, emergency text notification for business is the single most effective way to communicate the risk of danger to employees. However, because carriers limit the number of text messages it is possible to send simultaneously, it is necessary to use a software solution in order to alert an entire workforce to the risk of danger by SMS text in an emergency situation.

There are various software solutions that provide a system of emergency text notification for business, but it can be beneficial to implement a solution that does not rely exclusively on SMS text messaging to send emergency notifications. This is because some businesses require employees to silence their mobile phones during working hours and because some employees do so by choice.

Rave Alert is a multi-channel emergency notification system that primarily uses SMS text messaging to alert employees to the risk of danger, but also uses voice broadcasts, CAP, email, RSS, social media and email to maximize the reach of its service. Rather than complicate the emergency notification process, Rave Alert accelerates the process to improve incident management and minimize business disruption.

Rave Alert Emergency Text Notification for Business

Rave Alert is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, so is suitable not just for warning employees of an emergency situation, but also for providing updates throughout an incident, and an all-clear once the risk of danger has passed. The platform is easy to use and facilitates two-way communication so that key personnel can liaise during an incident, and so that employees in need of assistance can request help.

When an emergency situation is notified to the business´s system administrator, he or she logs into the Rave Alert platform, composes an emergency notification message, selects that the message is sent to all employees in the location of the incident and through all communication channels. They then confirm the message and click “send”, and – within seconds – the message is dispatched to every employee potentially affected by the incident.

By using multiple channels of communication – through many of which employees can communicate with the system administrator – our platform for emergency text notification for business reaches the maximum number of people in the minimum amount of time. Employees who have silenced their mobile phones will receive voice broadcasts and emails alerting them to the risk of danger, so there is no risk of them failing to receive the emergency notification and taking appropriate action.


Non-Emergency Business Uses for Rave Alert

In addition to providing an effective system of emergency text notification for business, Rave Alert has many practical non-emergency business uses. System administrators can send out corporate news alerts, details of job vacancies and messages advising of cancelled or rescheduled meetings. Naturally, it is not necessary to send every employee details of every rescheduled meeting, so Rave Alert provides the facility of creating an unlimited number of messaging groups.

Employees can be placed into messaging groups by system administrators according to their role, location or other characteristic. Alternatively employees can choose which messaging groups they are included in by using an SMS opt-in/opt-out facility to text group-specific keywords to a short code number or by entering their preferences via a web-based administration portal that also allows them to select their preferred channel of communication and language of communication.

The SMS opt-in/opt-out facility can also be used to populate temporary messaging groups. Temporary messaging groups might be used to guide delegates attending a conference, provide graduate opportunities to college-leavers, or – in the event of an emergency – to keep friends and families up-to-date with the emergency situation and answer concerns about loved ones involved in the incident. There opportunities for non-emergency business uses are practically limitless.

Your Questions Answered about Emergency Text Notification for Business

If you would like to know more about Rave Alert, or have questions about emergency text notification for business, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with our sales team. Our sales team will be happy to answer your questions and, after learning more about your business, will arrange for a free demonstration of Rave Alert in action.

As there are so many possible emergency and non-emergency business uses for our platform, the demonstration will be tailored to specific needs. The demonstration can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you and any other interested parties within your organization, and will give you the opportunity to think of more questions about emergency text notification for business.

Please note, by agreeing to a demonstration of Rave Alert, you are under no obligation to use our service of emergency text notification for business. Hopefully, ours will be a service you never have to use in an emergency, but – with so many features to enhance corporate communication and encourage employee engagement – there are many benefits of being prepared for an emergency.