What are Emergency Notification Systems for Business?

Emergency notification systems for business are messaging platforms through which system administrators can send urgent and non-urgent messages via a variety of communication channels to individual contacts, groups of contacts or the business’s entire database of contacts.

Primarily, Rave Mobile Safety’s emergency notification systems for business have been developed to simultaneously alert large groups of people to the risk of danger using as many channels of communication possible in order to ensure the messages are received.

In this respect, our multi-channeled Rave Alert messaging platform is considerably more effective at raising an alarm than group SMS texting or phone trees, thus potentially saving lives. Plus, emergency notification systems for business also offer two-way communication capabilities in case an employee requires assistance before, during or after an emergency has occurred.

Notification Systems are Not Just for Emergencies

Emergency notification systems for business have multiple commercial advantages. As it is possible to segment a business’s database into individual contacts or groups of contacts, the Rave Alert messaging platform can be used to accelerate corporate communications and quickly send targeted messages to specific departments or key managers.

Due to using multiple channels of communication, contacts receive important messages wherever they are, whatever they are doing; plus the platform monitors delivery rates and open rates so it is always possible to know when a message has been received. This feature is particularly useful when auditable proof may be required about the receipt of a message.

The systems can also be used as an information portal during exhibitions and conferences, or as part of a disaster recovery plan. The grouping feature ensures only contacts within each group receive relevant non-emergency communications, while mechanisms exist to prevent contacts within multiple groups receiving the same message multiple times on the same communication channel.

How Emergency Notification Systems for Business Work

The initial stage of implementing emergency notification systems for business is for a designated person (it could be a safety officer, a communications officer or a compliance officer) to contact Rave Mobile Safety and arrange for access to our Rave Alert messaging platform. For the sake of clarity, we shall call this person the system administrator.

Once access to the platform has been arranged, the system administrator will either populate the platform with contacts using our autoload feature, or can use our SMS opt-in feature to have employees join the emergency notification system by texting a keyword to a dedicated shortcode number. Different keywords can be used to assign employees in different departments or locations to different groups.

Once an employee has been added to the database, they can edit their profiles via a business-branded emergency notification portal. This allows them to add additional notification channels, add secondary and tertiary numbers to their phone details, and add details of special needs – such as mobility issues – that a first responder may need to be aware of when attending an emergency situation.

What Happens When an Emergency Occurs?

In the event of an emergency, the system administrator logs into the Rave Alert messaging platform, writes a warning message, selects the group(s) of contacts to send it to, and the messaging channels through which it should be sent. These include email, SMS, voice broadcast, RRS and social media – although in some circumstances it can be wise to avoid advertising an adverse event on social media especially if the facts in the situation are unclear.

As the Rave Alert messaging platform is a web-based platform, the warning message can be sent from any Internet-connected device. Therefore the system administrator could send the initial alert from their desktop computer, and subsequent updates from a personal mobile device without placing themselves in danger. An all clear message can be sent when the emergency is resolved.

This level of communication before, during and after an emergency enhances a business’s duty of care posture, and emergency notification systems for business can minimize the commercial impact of an adverse event by sending targeted messages to only those employees and key managers who the emergency affects. The rest of the business can continue functioning as normal.

Request a Free Demo of the Rave Alert Messaging Platform

If you are a safety officer, a communications officer or a compliance officer, and you would like to know more about emergency notification systems for business, please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our Customer Support Representatives. Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions and, after finding out a little more about the nature of your business, will be able to explain the benefits of the Rave Alert messaging platform as they apply to your specific circumstances.

You are also invited to request a free demonstration of the Rave Alert messaging platform in action. Our demonstration will give you the opportunity to evaluate the many practical applications of our emergency notification systems for business, and the ease at which they can be configured and administered. Naturally our team of Customer Support Representatives will be available to answer any questions you have before, during or after the free demonstration.