What are Emergency Notification Systems for Business?

Emergency notification systems for business are messaging platforms through which administrators can quickly communicate with individual personnel, groups of personnel, business associates, or the business’s entire database of contacts via multiple communication channels.

By using multiple channels of communication, emergency notification systems for business provide the right information to the right people at the right time so that Emergency Preparedness Plans can be activated without delay and procedures such as evacuations can be executed efficiently.

The manner in which emergency notifications are dispatched and Emergency Preparedness Plans are activated can have a significant influence on the consequences of an emergency. While mass notification can alert the greatest number of people to danger, it can also cause panic and evacuation bottlenecks.

An ordered response to an emergency - with every affected member of staff fully aware of the nature of the incident and their responsibilities - can help save lives, increase the likelihood of a better outcome, and contribute to the business recovering faster from the incident.

Therefore, the best emergency notification systems for business are those that enable administrators to prepare templates in advance in order to accelerate the emergency notification process, have unlimited database segmentation, and support short-form (i.e. SMS) and long-form (i.e. email) alerts.

The Rave Alert Emergency Notification System for Companies

The Rave Alert emergency notification system for companies has all these features and more. Our fast, reliable system has been designed for ease of use on any Internet-connected device and supports emergency management via a WebEOC-compatible command center with two-way communication.

Not only easy to set up and use, the Rave Alert emergency notification system for companies synchronizes contact data with businesses´ HR databases, and has SMS opt-in/opt-out capabilities for contractors and agency workers to help companies fulfill their duty of care to visiting personnel.

Should an emergency incident occur, administrators can alert relevant personnel with three clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen - the first to select the relevant prepared template, the second to select the group of recipients, and the third to send the alert. Within seconds the selected group of recipients will be alerted to the incident by SMS, voice broadcast, email, CAP, etc., and - if integrated - digital signage.

Ideally it is in everyone´s best interests to receive emergency alerts through the maximum number of channels. However, there may be circumstances in which some channels are unsuitable for some employees (i.e. voice broadcasts are inappropriate for the hard of hearing). Consequently the option exists for employees to select their preferred method of message receipt.

This is done through company-branded portals connected to our emergency notification systems for business, where employees can also select their preferred language of message receipt and make notes about any special needs or mobility issues they may have. Employees can also opt into administrator-created groups if, for example, they are medically trained or CERT-qualified.

Emergency Alert Systems for Businesses with Geo-Polling

Geo-polling is a feature of our emergency notification systems for business which has many varied uses. During an emergency, its most practical use is to check on the wellbeing of unaccounted-for employees or those who have not opened SMS emergency alerts. The geo-polling feature works by sending a message in the form of a question with a selection of answers to choose from. For example:

  • Q: Are you safe?
  • A1: Yes. I'm fine.
  • A2: No, I'm still in the building.
  • A3: No, I've evacuated but I need medical help.

Using the geo-polling feature of emergency alert systems for businesses provides emergency managers with the information they need to eliminate previously unaccounted-for employees from their search and rescue efforts, and also to prioritize resources for those most in need. Along with the two-way communication capabilities of Rave Alert, this feature considerably enhances situational awareness.

Once the incident is resolved, it is important for businesses to get up and running again as quickly as possible. Here again the geo-polling feature is of significant value because it can be used by shift managers to check on the availability of employees to work additional shifts due to the absence of injured colleagues, or just to catch up on lost production. A Q&A in these circumstances might be:

  • Q: I have three shifts to fill tonight. Who is available?
  • A1: I can work a night shift.
  • A2: Sorry, I'm not available.

Because Rave Alert supports unlimited database segmentation, the poll can be sent to just the employees capable of filling the shift. The geo-polling feature automatically closes the poll once the required number of shifts has been filled, which saves shift managers time not having to answer late respondents, and helps businesses get up and running much quicker.

A Business Alert System is Not Only for Emergencies

There are many different ways in which to use a business alert system - and not just for emergencies. Rave Alert enhances internal communications by providing businesses with a dedicated channel through which they can share corporate news, advertise job vacancies, or promote social events. The system can also be used as a training portal for specific groups of employees.

Because of the option for employees to select their preferred method of message receipt through the messaging portal, not every non-emergency message is conveyed as an SMS followed up by an email. Employees can choose (for example) to receive corporate news by email only, receive details about job vacancies via SMS, and promotions via social media.

The business alert system can also be used to guide delegates through conferences or as a portal through which students can submit resumes or apply for vacation work. The delegates or students simply opt into the business alert system via SMS using a dedicated keyword and short code number, and opt out again once the conference or vacation season is over.

One of the major benefits of using Rave Alert for non-emergency communications is that employees get used to using the system - most importantly system administrators. At times of emergency, it is best to be familiar with how the system works rather than having learned how to operate the platform when it was first implemented and then occasionally during emergency preparedness training.

More about our Emergency Alert System for Businesses

Rave Alert is a FEMA Certified IPAWS Alert Origination Service Provider that has been SAFETY Act certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Our emergency notification systems for business raise the safety profiles of every organization that uses them from the smallest business to largest corporation or state government.

Therefore, if you are a person with responsibility for workplace safety, due not hesitate to get in touch and speak with our team about our emergency alert system for businesses. Our team will be happy to discuss your current notification solutions and compare their strengths and weaknesses against Rave Alert - answering any questions you may have with regards to system integrations.

Once we know a little more about your existing emergency communication system, we will be happy to organize a demo of Rave Alert tailored to your specific requirements. The opportunity also exists for your business to take advantage of a free trial of Rave Alert in order to evaluate our emergency alert system for businesses in your own environment. Contact us today to find out more.