Emergency Notification for Business

A system of emergency notification for business has to be simple to use and effective. An emergency notification service for business that is too complicated can waste valuable time alerting employees to the risk of danger and, if the message fails to get through, can cost lives.

This is why our emergency notification software for business – Rave Alert – has a simple user interface, can send thousands of alerts within seconds, and communicates with employees via SMS messaging – the most popular channel of person-to-person communication.

However, Rave Alert is more than a text messaging platform for emergencies. Our system of emergency notification for business can be used to enhance corporate communications in non-emergency scenarios via a number of different channels, and to target groups of employees or other contacts.

How Our Emergency Notification Software for Business Works

In order to start an emergency notification service for business, a system manager contacts Rave Mobile Safety and discusses their requirements with our team of technical experts. Our team provides access to the Rave Alert platform and builds a business-branded web portal for administration of the system.

The emergency notification service for business is then populated with employee contact details either by integrating Rave Alert with an existing HR database, or by taking advantage of our opt-in/opt-out SMS service – a similar process to how many retailers conduct SMS marketing.

Then, when an emergency situation occurs, system managers log into our emergency notification software for business, write their alert message, select the recipients and the channel(s) of communication (in an emergency, this would be “All” and “SMS”), and click send.


The Importance of Two-Way Emergency Notification for Business

Although the key features of Rave Alert´s system of emergency notification for business is that it is quick, reliable and efficient, our emergency notification service for business also facilitates two-way communication. This is important because system managers can liaise with key personnel during an emergency to better manage incidents, improve situational awareness and relay updates to employees.

Employees requiring assistance can use the emergency notification service for business to inform system managers of their needs so that first responders can be directed to where help is required. Depending on how the system is set up, it may also be possible for employee´s families to be included in the circulation of updates and for family members to enquire about the safety of their loved ones.

It is also an important consideration that Rave Alert is a web-based platform and can be assessed from a PC, smartphone or tablet. The benefit of this feature is that system managers can access the platform from any Internet-connected device in order to send updates and receive incoming messages without placing themselves in danger.

A Versatile Non-Emergency Notification Service for Business

Rave Alert does not have to be exclusively used for emergencies. Our emergency notification software for business can easily be used to enhance corporate communications. Each business´s emergency notification database can be divided into groups for easier administration and so that employees can receive targeted messages of relevance to them.

These may be messages to employees with a certain role within the business or – for a business operating in multiple areas – location-specific messages, such as if an office is closed due to a utility outage. Employees have the opportunity of logging into the business-branded web portal and choosing which group(s) they want to belong to if this process is not done automatically by system managers.

Employees can also choose which channel of communication they would prefer to be contacted by. Although it is preferable for all emergency messages to be sent by SMS text, employees can choose (for example) to receive corporate news by email, details of social events via social media, and job vacancies by RSS feed. Rave Alert also supports CAP, voice broadcasts and Alertus.

Request a Demo of our Emergency Notification for Business System

Implementing a system of emergency notification for business not only is a statement about the business upholding its duty of care, minimalizing business disruption and improving incident management, it is also a way in which businesses can connect with employees and develop better working relationships.

To find out how a system of emergency notification can enhance your corporate communications, you are invited to contact us and request a free demo of Rave Alert in action. As different businesses have different communication requirements, the demo will be tailored for your specific needs and organized for a time that is convenient for you and any others involved in the decision-making process.

Naturally, by requesting a demo of Rave Alert, you are not committing to taking advantage of our service. However, it will enable you to see the ease of use and effectiveness of our platform, put it to use in scenarios we may not have considered, and ask questions about emergency notification for business as our service relates to your particular circumstances.