The Rave Alert System of Emergency Mass Notification for Business

Organizations that implement a Rave Alert system of emergency mass notification for business take advantage of one of the most effective ways of communicating urgent and non-urgent messages to employees, key personnel and other contacts that may be included in the organization´s database.

Powered by a web-based platform, and using multiple communication channels, Rave Alert can quickly and simultaneously alert an entire database to the risk of danger – or send targeted messages to groups within the database – from any Internet-connected device.

Our system of emergency mass notification for business also supports two-way communication. This means that Rave Alert can be used as a point of contact when an emergency situation is in progress or when an employee wishes to respond to a request for assistance. Rave Alert also has valuable uses in non-emergency situations as well.

How a System of Emergency Mass Notification for Business Works

In order to set up a system of emergency mass notification for business, technical experts from Rave Mobile Safety will work closely with an organization-appointed system administrator to configure the Rave Alert platform to meet the organization´s requirements and create an organization-branded web portal.

Depending on the organization´s privacy policies, Rave Alert can be populated by autoloading an existing employee database onto the platform, or by inviting employees and other contacts to opt in to the notification system via SMS. The SMS opt in method is usually the most effective at raising an organization´s duty of care posture, and it can add to the effectiveness of the system.

For example, employees opting into Rave Alert using the SMS opt in method can be given different keywords to text according to their role, location and other attribute. The employees are then auto-sorted into groups depending on the keyword they have used. The Rave Alert system of emergency mass notification for business allows for an unlimited number of groups to be created.

Dividing a database into groups has its advantages. It could be helpful during an emergency to have a group of employees who have medical training or who are Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) qualified. It could also be useful to have a group dedicated to family members in order to prevent other channels of communication becoming overloaded during an emergency.

When an emergency occurs, the system administrator logs into the Rave Alert platform, writes the emergency notification (or selects a notification from an existing portfolio of templates), chooses the delivery method(s) and the delivery targets (usually “All” in the event of an emergency). On confirming the message, the notification will immediately be sent to its intended targets.

Additional Non-Emergency Uses for Rave Alert

Unlike some systems of emergency mass notification for business, Rave Alert does not rely on one channel of communication, but many. System administrators can send alerts by phone broadcast, SMS text, email, RSS, Alertus, CAP, Twitter or Facebook, and database contacts can choose which communication methods are used, and which language alerts are sent in.

The choice of communication methods and languages is made in the organization-branded web portal. Database contacts can log into the portal to select their preferences, and add further contact methods or additional information about themselves that may be important for first responders to be aware of when attending an emergency – mobility issues for example.

Database contacts also have the opportunity to subscribe to different groups in addition to the one they have been auto-sorted into. Secondary groups are typically used for non-emergency uses such as traffic alerts around the place of work and to advise of social activities. It is also possible to create temporary groups to benefit attendees of an event or conference.

A further non-emergency use for Rave Alert is regulatory compliance. Our system of emergency mass notification for business can be used as part of a disaster recovery plan, or be used to send trackable and auditable messages when proof may be required about the content of a message and its receipt. This feature can also be of benefit in multiple HR use cases.

Request a Free Demo of Rave Alert in Action

If you have a responsibility for safety, communications or compliance in your organization, you are invited to request a free demo of Rave Alert in action. After discussing your current notification system and requirements, our team of technical experts will arrange a demo that is relevant to your specific circumstances, for a time that suits you and any other interested parties in your organization.

If you have questions about the Rave Alert system of emergency mass notification for business prior to requesting a free demo, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions, and explain how Rave Alert will get the right message to the right people at the right time in both emergency and non-emergency situations.