Protect All Your Employees with a Rave Guardian Corporate Safety App

When considering the benefits of a corporate safety app, many people think of it as a way of better protecting lone workers. In recent years the welfare of lone workers certainly has received a lot of attention, and some states have introduced lone worker occupational safety laws. However, a corporate safety app can also be of benefit to employees who work in multi-occupancy environments.

When one thinks of occupations in which a corporate safety app could be of benefit, there is a lot of crossover between lone workers and employees who work in multi-occupancy environments. There are times when realtors, software engineers and local government employees are often working alone - despite their roles considered to be ones in which they are frequently in the presence of colleagues.

Even in the presence of colleagues, there are many different circumstances when employees experience violence initiated by a dissatisfied or unpredictable member of the public - or a colleague. Nursing is a prime example of an occupation where employees are constantly at risk of attack. Nurses are at risk of physical assault from patients and their families, and bullying and sexual assault from colleagues.

Nursing is not the only occupation in which colleague-on-colleague violence occurs. Bullying and sexual assault is widespread in many industries. Therefore the Rave Guardian corporate safety app has been designed to protect all employees by providing a quick and easy way to summon assistance - or report an adverse event - regardless of whether they work alone or in a multi-occupancy environment.

How the Rave Guardian Corporate Safety App Works

Once a business has implement the Rave Guardian system, the corporate safety app is downloaded onto each employee's phone. The app automatically connects with the business's security unit when activated, and can be used to call 9-1-1 or to seek assistance from a group of “Guardians” - typically trusted and reliable colleagues working in close proximity.

Each corporate safety app has a GPS-enabled safety check-in timer. In the event that an employee is working alone, the timer can be set for a fixed period of time (for example for the length of time it would take a realtor to value a property) and, should the safety check-in timer reach zero before it is stopped by the employee, an alert is sent to the business's security unit and the employee's Guardians.

Because the feature is GPS-enabled, the location of employees can be monitored all the time the feature is activated or when the safety check-in timer reaches zero without being deactivated. This means, for example, that if a nurse goes missing between community home visits, Emergency Services can track their location quickly and easily. In some circumstances it could even save their life.

A further feature of the Rave Guardian corporate safety app is an anonymous tip feature. This feature can be used to report workplace bullying and sexual assault without the victim having to identify themselves. Although not ideal for resolving accusations, the app raises awareness of workplace issues - especially if the same perpetrator is named in numerous anonymous tips.

Due to its numerous benefits, implementation of the Rave Guardian corporate safety app can help improve employee safety, reduce workplace issues, and lower employer insurance premiums. Furthermore, implementing the system for all employees affirms the business's commitment to safety, which in turn improves employee morale, elevates productivity and increases retention rates.

Find Out More about the Rave Guardian Corporate Safety App

If your business is considering improving its corporate safety profile, it makes sense to implement a system that benefits all workers. Due to Rave Guardian being an app-based safety system, there is little difference in cost regardless of whether the system is used by two employees or two thousand employees, yet the difference in benefits could be significant.

To find out more about the Rave Guardian corporate safety app, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of technical experts will discuss your safety objectives and the challenges you face in achieving them, before tailoring a free demonstration of Rave Guardian to meet your requirements. Depending on your requirements, this may take a short time to organize, so do not delay better protecting your employees - contact us today.

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