Corporate Emergency Notification

In an emergency, businesses need to have an effective system of corporate emergency notification in order to warn employees of the risk of danger as quickly as possible. To address this need, there is a substantial number of corporate emergency notification software solutions from which to choose. However not all of them are completely effective.

The problem is that many corporate emergency notification services only use SMS text messaging to convey emergency alerts. Although SMS messaging is the most popular form of P2P communication, some businesses have implemented policies requiring employees to silence or switch off their mobile phones during working hours. Some employees choose to silence their mobile phone through choice.

For this reason, an exclusively SMS-based corporate emergency notification service is not going to be as effective as a service through which administrators can send emergency alerts via multiple channels. Using a multi-channel service does not necessarily have to delay the notification process. Indeed, Rave Alert from Rave Mobile Safety is a good example of how the notification process is accelerated.


Using Rave Alert as a Corporate Emergency Notification Service

Rave Alert is a web-based SaaS platform businesses can quickly and easily populate with employee contact details by integrating the platform with an existing HR database. When an emergency situation occurs, a system administrator logs into the platform, composes an emergency notification, selects to send it to all employees and through all available channels of communication, and clicks send.

Within seconds, the emergency notification is dispatched via voice broadcast, SMS text, email, CAP, RSS and Alertus. It is also possible to alert employees to the risk of danger via social media; although whether this is a good idea may depend on the nature of the emergency and whether it is an incident that should be broadcast in the public domain.

As Rave Alert is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, administrators can provide employees with updates throughout the emergency and send an all clear message when the risk of danger has passed. Furthermore, as it supports two-way communication, Rave Alert can be used to improve incident management and minimize business disruption where possible.

Further Features of Rave Alert and Further Uses

When using Rave Alert´s corporate emergency notification software, each business is provided with a branded web portal that employees can log into to add information about themselves that may be relevant at a time of emergency. For example, the portal provides the opportunity for employees to select their preferred language of communication and make a note of any mobility issues.

Administrators can also create an unlimited number of groups and sub-groups that employees can opt into depending on their location, their role and special attributes such as medical training. Then, should non-emergency medical assistance be required at one of a business´s locations, administrators could send a request for assistance to just the group of employees able to help in the specific location.

This level of flexibility is only the start. Employees can opt to receive messages about corporate events, job vacancies, or any subject for which a group has been created. Preferences can be expressed about how employees would like to receive different types of messages. For example, an employee could select a preference for:

–  All notifications about office closures or cancelled meetings to be sent by SMS text.

–  All notifications about corporate events to be sent by Twitter.

–  All notifications about job vacancies to be sent by email.

One further use for Rave Alert´s corporate emergency notification software is compliance. If a business operates in a regulated industry, Rave Alert is reliable communication vehicle that should be included in a disaster recovery plan. It can also be used to send auditable and trackable messages to employees when proof of a message´s receipt is required. This feature can also help in resolving HR disputes.

Find Out More about Our Corporate Emergency Notification Software

It is not only large businesses in multiple locations with existing HR databases that can benefit from our corporate emergency notification service. Smaller organizations can populate the Rave Alert platform with employee details manually or via our SMS opt-in/opt out service, and use the service to enhance their duty of care posture and better protect their employees from danger.

If you are responsible for safety, security or compliance, and you would like to know more about Rave Alert´s corporate emergency notification software, do not hesitate to contact us in order to request a demonstration of our platform in action. Our team of technical experts will tailor a demonstration to meet your particular needs and organize it for a time that is most convenient for you.