Company-Wide Emergency Notification

An organization that implements a SMS-based company-wide emergency notification system not only enhances its duty of care posture by being able to warn employees of the risk of danger quickly and simultaneously, but also minimizes business disruptions by improving incident management before, during and after an emergency situation.

Why an SMS-based company-wide mass emergency notification system? SMS messaging is more effective than other channels of communication for sending alerts. 95% of the population owns a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS message, and 91% of those keep their mobile devices within reach at all times. Most SMS messages are read within 90 seconds of delivery.

Although web-based, company-wide emergency notification systems provide a two-way SMS channel of communication during an emergency. System administrators can liaise with key personnel to improve situational awareness and incident management, and receive messages from employees in need of assistance in order to direct first responders to where help is required.

Other Uses for Company-Wide Emergency Notification Systems

Company-wide emergency notification systems do not only have to be used in times of an emergency. There may be times when it is important to notify employees quickly of a non-emergency event such as an office closure due to adverse weather conditions or technical issues. The systems can also be used as news channels to advise employees of corporate events and job vacancies.

Larger companies will find the company-wide mass emergency notification systems easier to manage if the employee notification database is organized into groups. Groups can be created according to employees´ locations, roles and such attributes as having medical training. Additional non-employee groups can also be created – for example to keep families informed during an emergency.

Then, should a job vacancy open in one of a company´s multiple locations, system administrators only need to send an alert to qualified employees in that location and not a company-wide alert. In this way, company-wide emergency notification systems get the right messages to the right people at the right time and minimize business disruption wherever possible.

Company-Wide Alert Software from Rave Mobile Safety

Inasmuch as an SMS-based company-wide emergency notification system is the most effective way to warn employees of an emergency situation and manage the incident from the safety of a remote Internet-connected device, our company-wide alert software acknowledges there are other channels of communication that may be more appropriate for emergency and non-emergency messaging.

Therefore, when using our company-wide alert software – Rave Alert – system administrators have the choice of sending messages by SMS text, voice broadcast, email, social media, Alertus, CAP and RSS. Employees and other contacts on the company database have the choice of how to receive their messages, and can request what language they are sent in (Rave Alert has an auto-translate function).

This results in multiple options for companies to improve their corporate communications. There is no limit to how many groups and sub-groups a system administrator can create, no limit to the number of groups an employee can belong to, and – due to the versatility of our company-wide alert software – different types of messages can be sent out via different communication channels.


Getting Started with Our Company-Wide Mass Emergency Notification System

The first stage of getting started with the Rave Alert company-wide mass emergency notification system is for a system administrator to contact Rave Mobile Safety and discuss their requirements. Our technical experts will provide access to the Rave Alert messaging platform and build a company-branded web portal for management of the company´s notification database.

Company notification databases are most frequently populated by integrating Rave Alert with an existing HR database or management tool such as Active Directory. Employee contact details are then automatically synchronized if employees change cellphone numbers, join or leave the company. For companies without a compatible database, Rave Alert provides an SMS opt-in/opt-out service.

Once entered onto the database, employees can access the company-branded web portal to update their profiles, add additional contact methods, indicate their preferences for receiving non-emergency messages, and add information about themselves that may be important during an emergency – such as mobility issues, existing health conditions and special needs.

Request a Demo of our Company-Wide Alert Software in Action

In the same way as no two companies are identical, corporate communications vary from company to company. There are many diverse and practical uses for Rave Alert and, in order to provide the most relevant examples for your company, we feel it is better to offer system administrators and managers a free demonstration of our company-wide alert software in action.

In order to request your free demo of Rave Alert, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Sales Team will ask about your requirements and liaise with our technical experts to organize a relevant and instructive demonstration at a time that is convenient. We will also be happy to answer any questions about company-wide emergency notification systems before, during or after the demonstration.