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Communication is the most powerful tool in business, especially when seconds count.
Send out timely and targeted employee communications with just three clicks to multiple communication modes.

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All your critical communications in one platform.

Reach Out

Reach Out

with unlimited pretemplated or custom critical communications when seconds count.

Engage Employees

Engage Employees

using two-way communications with status checks and anonymous tips.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

and manage incidents with seamless integrations and communications.

Protect Your Staff

Protect Your Staff

with an employee safety app, panic buttons and geo-targeted notifications.

Overcome your team's biggest communication challenges

Enable your team to communicate, collaborate and respond with employees and temporary visitors such as contractors or third-party vendors, across all channels wherever they are located.

With the Rave Business Solutions platform, you can leverage differentiated messages via email, voice, text, app push notification and other communication channels.

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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Foster a safety culture with two-way messages, wellness checks, emergency notifications, anonymous tips and an employee safety app.

IT Services

IT Services

Communicate efficiently with the widest range of technologies to extend the reach of notifications and data synchronization across systems.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Limit business disruptions and speed up recovery with automatic alerts, response team mobilizations and redundant business communications.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Connect with employees through two-way, real-time communications to improve response and track engagement around corporate initiatives.

The Communication Platform for Business

Timely Communications in Three Steps

Send messages in three clicks to all communication modes, including text, email, voice, RSS feeds and digital signage. Unlimited administrators, voice, email and text usage means you can send and receive an unlimited number of communications.


Mobile Employee Engagement

Leverage employee feedback during incidents or on an on-going basis with two-way communications. Empower employees with "See Something, Say Something" mobile technology to submit anonymous tips with text and pictures via a text message.


Business Continuity and Risk Management

Mitigate risk and speed up disaster recovery with redundant business communications. If you have a systemwide failure, leverage your business communications platform as your backbone until operations are up and running.

A COVID Success Story

Protecting Your Employees Everywhere

Your duty of care is to keep your employees safe, making communication during and after ongoing incidents critical. Safety and security teams can issue wellness checks and geo-targeted notifications to workers in the office, on the road or lone workers.

Latest Trends

Workplace Safety and Preparedness Survey

A national survey of over 500 full-time employees across all industries reveals startling trends in how prepared workplaces are for the most common types of emergencies.

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There is a concept called 'alarm fatigue' that is impacting the world — we have to find simplistic notifications that we can pay attention to, understand and know how to respond to.

Don Aviv
Interfor International

By pushing for a more efficient way to locate employees throughout a catastrophe, GE Appliances was better able to perform hurricane employee wellness checks during the devastating 2017 hurricane season.
Keith Carpenter_GE Appliances

Keith Carpenter
Senior Security Manager
GE Appliances

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