Business Incident Management

business incident managementEffective business incident management is vital to ensure employee safety and minimize disruption during an emergency situation. However, although a business may have procedures and personnel prepared to react to an emergency situation – and may have carried out drills to test their procedures and personnel – this may not always be enough to ensure effective business incident management.

In order for business incident management to be truly effective, first responders and incident managers need to have as much situational awareness as possible – both during the initial response to the emergency and as the incident progresses. With the right data and channels of communication, incident managers can direct first responders to those most in need of assistance and prevent further escalation.

Tools from Rave Mobile Safety to Enhance Situational Awareness

There are various tools that can enhance situational awareness, ranging from those that better prepare first responders for the situation they will be confronted with, to those that can provide two-way communication with employees involved in the incident. The more tools that can be integrated into an existing business incident management system, the more effective the system is likely to be.

Rave Facility

One of the best tools to better prepare first responders for the situation they will be confronted with is Rave Facility from Rave Mobile Safety. In preparation of an emergency incident, data about the business location is entered into the Rave Facility database. When an emergency call is received, the PSAP 911 call taker accesses the data and passes it onto first responders travelling to the scene of the incident.

The more comprehensive the data, the better prepared first responders will be. Rave Facility enables incident managers to upload details about the layout of the business and the best access points, floor plans, utility shut-off points, AED locations and alarm information. Contact information for incident managers and security personnel should also be included, as well as access codes and potential hazards.

Rave Alert

While first responders are on their way to an emergency incident, employees and other key contacts can immediately and simultaneously be advised of the emergency using Rave Alert. This tool to maximize the effectiveness of business incident management notifies groups of contacts about the risk of danger using multiple channels of communication to ensure warning messages are received.

Throughout the duration of an emergency incident, first responders and incident managers can use Rave Alert to maintain two-way communication with employees involved in the incident via voice, SMS messaging and email – ensuring maximum situational awareness and enabling employees in need of assistance to receive help in the fastest possible time.


A tool that can ensure employees receive appropriate help in the fastest possible time is Smart911. Smart911 is a free online platform on which individuals enter critical information about themselves to assist first responders in the event of an emergency. Typically this will include addresses, phone numbers, family member contact information, and details of medical conditions and disabilities.

Smart911 integrates with Rave Alert so first responders can make faster and better decisions, shorten response times and potentially save employees´ lives. Many employees may already be using this service and, by including Smart911 and Rave Alert in a business incident management system, businesses can ensure the right message gets to the right people at the right time.

Find Out More about Our Business Incident Management Tools

The tools mentioned above to enhance situational awareness are just a selection of what is available in the Rave Mobile Safety range of products, which also includes several personal safety tools and data management tools. However, in the same way as no two businesses are identical, no two businesses will have a need for every tool to maximize the effectiveness of their business incident management system.

Therefore we invite you to contact us and discuss your current business incident management system with our team of technical experts. Our team will help find any areas in which the effectiveness of your business incident management system can be improved, and suggest tools that can help you achieve this. Our team will also arrange to demonstrate the tools at a time convenient for you and any other key personnel with a responsibility for safety in your business.

During the demonstration, our team will describe the features each selected Rave Mobile Safety tool and its benefits in emergency and non-emergency situations. Many of our tools for effective business incident management can help improve corporate communication both business-wide and for selected groups of employees. Find out how by contacting us today and requesting a free demonstration of Rave Mobile Safety´s tools in action.