Corporate Safety

Every corporation that cares about the
preparedness and safety of their employees
should be utilizing Rave's products now.
They are the most effective I've encountered.
Don Aviv, CPP, PSP, PCI
Chief Operating Officer


Enhanced safety and critical communication platform designed to boost your employee security, incident management, and business resilience.

Rave Panic Button Emergency Responses App k-12
  • Proactively engage employees in security and safety
  • Improve duty of care posture and visibility into potential risks
  • Minimize business disruptions by improving incident management through speed and automation
  • Reduce workplace violence likelihood and impact
  • Effectively communicate globally before, during and after an incident

55M Americans

are protected by Rave

400 Million

messages sent in 2016


technical support

Corporate Critical Communication Platform

Streamlined Global Communications

  • Use it from any internet-connected device.
  • Globally connect with constituents in just seconds through mobile apps, calls, email, and text.
  • Target specific groups by operational department, job function, or geography.
  • Real-time, 2-way communication lets you manage ongoing incidents and exceed corporate safety standards.
corporate safety

App-Powered, Coordinated Employee Response

  • Reach employees anywhere while providing security personnel with actionable data.
  • Enable anyone to report detailed, critical information in real time.
  • Public safety grade availability, performance, and security – backed by 24×7 support.
  • 2-Way communication increases situational awareness and keeps people safe.

Personal Safety App – Individual Employee Safety

  • App-powered virtual safety network improves lone worker and executive safety on a global scale
  • Anonymous Tip feature empowers employees to engage with corporate security by providing an easy and safe way to report incidents
  • Keep corporate constituents informed during critical events and send targeted notifications to groups or individuals based on their location

Corporate Safety Results

  • Heightened corporate safety and resilience
  • Global protection for employees home and abroad
  • Empowers employees to take immediate action

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