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As the needs of colleges and universities continue to evolve, higher education leaders must strive to meet growing expectations and Clery Act requirements. 

In 1990, the Clery Act was signed and requires timely emergency notifications on campus
37,380 reported criminal offenses on college campuses in 2016
44% of higher education student populations are protected by Rave Mobile Safety

How do you...

Build relationships and engage with your campus community to keep them safe
Easily send emergency notifications in a matter of seconds to everyone on your campus
Extend and scale technology to stay on the cutting edge with shrinking budget and resources

One Platform.

Emergency Notifications and Two-Way Communication

Reach Your Campus in an Emergency

chat-icon Email, texts, messaging apps, social media are a few of the ways students, faculty and staff communicate. When you need an emergency notification message to get noticed, you can’t rely on typical channels.
click-icon Instead, you can send emergency notifications with 3 clicks across voice, text, email, digital signage, website, social media, desktop alerts, sirens and much more.
checkbox-icon With industry-leading delivery and performance, you will immediately know when your message is delivered with real-time updates and robust “by recipient” reports.
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Build Community Relationships

Campus presentations aren’t enough to reach and engage with every student on campus. You can reach more students with a two-way communications app that empowers students to interact with campus officials in a way they are most comfortable with, texting.

Campus officials across departments like Admissions, Campus Safety, Title IX, Housing, can leverage routable confidential chats to receive real-time information or requests for assistance. A two-way communications app branded for your campus builds positive relationships between students and campus officials and empowers students to share timely safety and key information in the way they feel most comfortable.

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Ensure Campus Safety and Security

Schools, churches, outdoor events. There are a growing number of targets in each of our communities. Delay in notifying Campus Safety of suspicious activity or threats slows down the resolution of any incidents putting your campus’s safety at risk.

Technology today enables fast action by those on and off campus to send anonymous tips or trigger a panic call direct to Campus Safety. With three clicks, an emergency notification can be sent for an evacuation to clear the area enabling Campus Safety to respond to the scene.

The more information responders have before they arrive at the scene improves their response time, situational awareness, and could save a life.

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Higher Ed ENS Overlooked Criteria
“By implementing Rave's technology,we are better prepared to handle an active shooter and other campus emergencies.”

Break Down Communication Siloes

Segregated departments and siloed communications deny higher education institutions the crucial information they need to respond and coordinate a response during an on-going incident.

When parents and the media require real-time updates, staff cannot waste time organizing dial-ins and call lists. Instead, a 1-click conference bridge gets everyone on the line instantly to execute the plan.

Since there’s no limit to the number messages, or recipients, every selected staff member can send internal notifications for fast communication that prevents delayed response and misinformation.

Case Study: Community College CIO Switches to Rave Alert


Proactively Communicate with your Campus

College and university officials grow frustrated when students, staff, and faculty don’t see or retain campus updates or important information.

Campus communities expect their school to proactively provide clear direction on emergencies, campus closures, severe weather updates, schedule changes, shuttle delays, and any information that requires action and attention.

You can easily meet campus expectations by segmenting your sends into unlimited groups—department, location, or any criteria you choose—for targeted messages.

For campus-wide communications, you can disseminate messages across all your channels including websites and all of your social media channels for greatest reach.

In order to be the authoritative source on events on your campus, you can easily disseminate facts around an incident by leveraging extensive reporting and can use audit trails and time stamps to provide a definitive timeline of events.

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