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How Do You Locate Employees Without An App?

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5 Geo-Polling Best Practices

Global threats put employees at risk and organizations need to be prepared for natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and civil unrest across the world. In an attempt to view the current location of mobile, remote, and traveling employees, more and more organizations are adopting mobile apps. Mobile apps offer a variety of tools and services to employees and organizations, but they are not a comprehensive solution for locating employees during an incident.

This guide highlights best practices for organizations needing to collect real-time location information and responses from employees. Some key takeaways are:

  • Dangers for traveling employees are increasing
  • The problem of locating a mobile workforce
  • 5 best practices to solicit employee real-time location and response without an app

Discover which best practices your organization can utilize to protect and keep your mobile workforce safe.

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