The Rave Panic Button for Higher Education

The Rave Panic button for higher education is a smartphone app that replaces physical and often inaccessible wall-mounted panic buttons. Always having access to a panic button in your pocket or bag shaves valuable minutes from response times in an emergency - potentially saving lives. However, the Rave Panic button for higher education is more than one big red button on a smartphone screen.

Rave Mobile Safety has developed the Panic Button to save as much time as possible. Whereas physical buttons fail to advise 9-1-1 and onsite security about the nature of an emergency, the Rave Panic Button for higher education gives users a choice of reporting a fire or active shooter, requesting the presence of the police or medical assistance. There is also an option to request onsite assistance without notifying emergency services in the event an incident can be managed on-campus.

The benefit of having this choice is that the right service can be provided to the right people in the least possible time. Onsite security - or onsite medical personnel - can deal with an incident as best they can, or provide an initial response to the incident while awaiting the arrival of the police, fire service or emergency medical service. Onsite personnel can also remove potential obstacles that may delay the arrival of emergency services once they are alerted to the incident.

What Happens When the Rave Panic Button for Higher Education is Pressed?

This depends on the nature of the incident. In the event of a non-emergency incident, a teacher or other authorized user can alert onsite personnel to an event and the type of assistance required. This is done by sending one of a selection of pre-set messages to a recipient list. The app can also be used to send custom messages during an incident to provide directions or updates to onsite personnel.

In the event of an emergency, a 9-1-1 call is initiated. The 9-1-1 call dispatcher instantly sees where the call originated, who used the Rave Panic button for higher education and what type of emergency service is being requested. The system also enables the 9-1-1 call dispatcher to view details of the facility - such as the best access routes, floor plans of campus buildings and other information such as utility cutoff points. Access to such detailed information contributes to saving time and saving lives.

During the emergency, the Rave Panic button for higher education can be used as an incident management tool. The system allows incident commanders to relay information to first responders and deliver instructions to onsite personnel to better coordinate emergency response. Importantly during an emergency, incident commanders can provide accurate updates to authorized users to combat rumors and suppositions that may be distributed via social media channels.

The Key to Successful Use is Emergency Button Activation Planning

Providing authorized users with access to the Rave Panic button for higher education will not - in itself - result in accelerated response times and better outcomes. In order to achieve the most effective use of the system, the mechanisms need to be in place for 9-1-1 call responders to view details of the facility and for authorized users to understand the procedures to follow during an emergency or non-emergency incident.

School officials can upload the relevant information via the web-based Rave Panic dashboard - which also serves as a useful incident management tool during an emergency. However, to better prepare onsite security and medical personnel for an emergency or non-emergency incident, school officials need to compile an emergency button activation plan. The plan should include drills in which authorized users and 9-1-1 call dispatchers get practical experience of using the system under trial conditions.

As different facilities have different designs, it can be advantageous to see the system in action before compiling an emergency button activation plan. In this respect, we invite school officials to contact us and arrange a free demonstration of the Rave Panic button for higher education in order to better understand its capabilities. The demonstration will also provide an opportunity for onsite security and medical personnel to ask questions about how the Rave Panic button works in specific circumstances.

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